Saturday, February 26, 2011

More snow pictures.

 You would think with all the snow we've been getting, that I would have some projects done to show you. But...I don't :)

 We got up to a foot of snow by Friday afternoon! That's the most snow we've seen at our place. It isn't supposed to stay long, we'll have some sun for a few days, then some rain. But it's fun while it's here.

 Here is the tree on our back porch.

Isn't it beautiful!! Spock was having a fantastic time searching for snowballs in it. LOL

And look at these icycles in the fruit tree!

I did pull these out to work on.

This is part of some donated fabric that I have to use in our charity quilts. The woman was making simple 9-patches, three different sizes.  At least...I have one 9-patch she made, so I am guessing that's what she was doing with them all.

I've decided to do an Irish chain. I love Irish Chains! I will have to trim the smaller squares just a little, so that I can use the larger ones in the quilt too. I'll be doing a triple Irish Chain, so will only be using 4 of the colors. I think I'll keep the whites aside for something else.

But I didn't get very far. Got the note paper out and my colors place where I want them (on my paper). So maybe today I'll do some trimming and sewing.

I have a new tutorial up, it's on squaring the bottom of your bag. You can find it here and here.

Have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by, Dorian


  1. A FOOT of snow?!?! Wow! You must be in HEAVEN! Thanks for the pictures. Good luck with your Irish Chain quilt. Sounds pretty.

  2. These new pictures are even better! LOL at Spock! Reminds me so much of Max. ~sigh~


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