Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.
I hope your time is filled with family and loved ones.
Thank you for continuing to read my little blog. I hope to get back into quilting and blogging more in the New Year.

I still have one more boxy pouch to make for a child. Hope to get that done, so I can fill it with some goodies.

We still have Christmas shopping to do!

And baking!!

On another note, if you have next weekend free and want to do some quilting, you can't go wrong with one of Jess's mystery quilts.

It's the forum's 5th birthday, and Jess has a got another great quilt for us to do up.
You can buy the pattern here.
And join the fun with us all here.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Is coming waaaaaay too quickly! It's sneaking up on me this year. I haven't got anything done, except my 4patch quilt. And too little bloggin, I know, sorry I've been so quiet.

I had, in my mind, a blog post about this quilt all 'typed' up. But as I was in a hurry to get the quilt off to my best friend Carol, I forgot to take pictures to accompany that post! LOL

Here is a picture of one of the tiny holes in the back of the quilt. It's very tiny.

But there are 7 of these holes! Grrrr..

Here is what I did to fix them.

I was going to take my good friend, Pat's, advice of just putting  anew back on, without taking all the stitching out. Just restitching over it. But after talking to Carol, and telling her about the holes, she said she wanted the quilt anyways. So I wanted to get it done and in the mail, as she lives clear across the states from me.

Soooo, I will ask her to take pictures for me, then I can show you the finished quilt. I used white binding. It turned out good I think.

We have snow on the ground and more possible this coming week. I hope it sticks around for Christmas. If it warms up, we'll get rain instead and wash all the snow away.

I hope to get some quality time in with my sewing machine this week.

Have a great day.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bits and pieces

  Hello Everyone,

Sorry I've been so quiet. My little one is teething, those stubborn teeth still haven't popped thru the gums! And now he has a cold, and all he wants is Mommy to hold him. So when he's napping, I'm doing household things.

So I haven't gotten much sewing done, and as this is a sewing blog, I just haven't had much to report ;)

I have done a little bit of quilting on my 4 patch quilt.

I am pretty annoyed though. I had started to quilt this before I had my Singer and could use my walking foot. And even though I checked the back occasionally, I somehow missed these little holes in the backing that my regular foot was making at the end of a quilting line. Where I would turn the quilt to go in a different direction. I forgot to take a picture of these holes to show you.

So after I was merrily sewing along with my walking foot, I happen to notice these holes. I don't know what to do now. This was going to be a Christmas gift. Sigh~

I also got some fabrics cut out to make a small pouch. I need to make my first son a shaving kit bag, and am figuring out how I want to form it.

Which is going to be a Christmas present to him, if I ever get it made! I have a few other things on my to make list for Christmas, so I hope to get some sewing time in soon.

We had quite the storm last week. The winds topped out at 55 mph! We got a small hole in the corner of our van windshield due to a branch going thru it. Sigh~ And we got tons of rain. We have one more little rain system right now, and then we'll have some sun come Thursday.

Take care all.
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

    Wishing all of my US friends and readers a very

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a wonderful day, full of good things and good foods.

Thank you for being a reader of my little ole' blog :)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby blankets

  Hello Everyone,

It was a quiet week for me last week. The 24hr tummy bug made it's way thru the family, so not a lot got done on. But I did finish up 2 items.

This first quilt is one we did for a forum member for her Grandson. (It's dark and rainy out, forgive the photos.)

Isn't this darling! The puppies and snails are appliqued on by other forum members. They did such a great job!

Here's the back, with a custom label another forum member makes.

Just some straight line quilting on either side of major seams, and the squares around the animals. Plus a diamond on the snails trail blocks.

I just love prairie points! It just adds that special touch to a baby quilt.


And one for Isaiah. The best receiving blanket I received when he was born was the one I got at the hospital. It was just 2 pieces of flannel, 1 square yrd of each, sewn right sides together, turned so the right side is out and top stitched.

This is the perfect size and weight for snuggling Isaiah in while up in the chilly morning, before the fire heats up.

So I had to make him another with the flannel I got on Henry Glasses blog hop a month or so back.

I used soft fleece for the back. No batting. Done just as I described above. And once he's too big for it, it's easy to unpick the sewing on the edges and put with others to make a larger one :)

Have a great day all.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day


I'm giving thanks today for all the Veterans out there. Old and new, here and gone. 
To my family members who served, my wonderful husband who gave 6yrs of his life to the Navy, to my husbands brother and nephews, and all those yet to come.



In other news. I am laughing at the snow comments I received on my last post. I love the snow. It's so beautiful and fun to play in. I love watching the kids. Running out to play, coming in with red checks and excitement in their eyes.

Unfortanately, I have to do most of my snow enjoying from the indoors. My arthritic hips/back just don't like to be out in it.

Have a great day all. Hope you enjoy some sewing time today.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Table runner finished!

  Hello Everyone,

I got my table runner finished! Now to get it off in the mail, so it can be used by it's recipient.

I looked out the window and saw all our pretty snow and had to take a picture of the runner on it! lol. Of course, with 2 kids trailing along, I got a lot of trampled snow in the picture ;)

Here is the back, I put Merry Christmas and signed it in one of the geese.

I am still working on prairie points on the puppy dog/snail quilt. I hope to get that done soon. Pinning and sewing a line of prairie points to the quilt, takes longer than making the pp's!

Have a great weekend all.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Quilting fun

  Hello Everyone,

Hope your weekend is going well.

I've been happily sewing along! I just LOVE my new machine and the walking foot.

This project is for a forum member. It's a quilt for her Grandson. We do this for all our members who have a new baby coming to the family.

I started quilting this quilt with my White and a regular presser foot. And now that I am using a walking foot, WOW, what a difference!!

Isn't this quilt cute?? I'll show you the whole quilt when I'm done. It's just some straight line quilting along the seams. But with all that applique, that's all the quilt really needs... I know, I still have lots of practicing to do :)

Here is another project I'm working on. A Fall table runner.

This is my own pattern. Using those cute little windmill blocks and some flying geese blocks. I was able to quilt this up in two of Isaiah's nap times. Using stitch in the ditch method this time.

Here's the back of it.

I just have to get the binding on, and then this project is done. YAH!

So what have you been working on? Have you started your Christmas sewing yet? I really need to get busy with mine.

Hooking up with the girls of quilt story today. Thanks H&M.
And with Freshly pieced . Thank you Lee.

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Singer 201-2

Hello All,

Yah, it's finally here!! My dh bought me this lovely Singer 201-2 off of ebay. It came from NY, and arrived yesterday. Isn't she pretty?!

The cabinet was already here at the house. It's been sitting in an outbuilding for I don't know how long. So it needs a bit of work. But it's useable :)

And if you look closely, you can see that my walking foot fits right on it!! YAH.

Not only is this machine in beautiful working order, but it came with some wonderful attachments too. The usual feet: hemming, binding, shirring, ruffler. But also these two beauties... a button holer and zigzagger.

There was needles, bobbins, tiny old sissors, a cool old iron (will have to get a picture of that for you), and various other neat, old things. One of them this needle holder.

With many needles still in it.

Another neat thing I haven't taken a picture of is a little book of matches....but when you open it up, it's not real matches, it's a tiny hosiery repair kit! LOL. What a neat object from the '40s?

Anyways, now I can FINALLY get some of my many, many tops quilted. And you might just start seeing some finishes....sometime down the line ;)

Have a great day. And I am praying that all you in the path of Hurricane Sandy are safe.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

What I'm working on

Hello Everyone,

It seems like forever since I've shown you an actually finish, that's larger than a bib. And I don't have a finish to show you today. But you Moms all know what it's like, especially if you're a home schooler.... with a new baby. lol

Anyways, this is what I am working on...

Some lovely Fall colors. It's going to be a table runner, and it's  a Christmas gift... so I WILL have it finished to show you soon :)

These cute little HST's are only 1" finished...

This is one of my favorite blocks to make with HST's. I don't know what it is about windmill blocks, but I like them.


I also received the rest of the fabric I needed to finish the Zebra quilt we are making for Sally's grandbaby, on the forum. So I need to finish getting that put together.

And this coming week I am getting a new-to-me machine!! I can't wait. I HAVE to have this I have a walking foot that doesn't fit on any of my machines at home. I was told this walking foot " fits all low shank machines", well, it doesn't. After I bought it, I was told by another person who sells old machines, that they never made a walking foot that fits a White rotary machine?!

So, I brought in our Singer 201-2 that had been out in an outbuilding. It was here when we moved in. I don't know how long it was sitting out in that building... and I don't know why it took me so long to bring it in the house to see if it works. LOL.

But, one of the parts we needed for it, we haven't been able to find. And it seems like the motor is binded up. And a few other things. So...

We looked on Ebay yesterday and found a beautiful Singer 201-2 that is in great shape. And it comes with a passel of lovely feet and attachments, all in their original boxes.... I can't WAIT till it gets here!!!

And when it does get here, I can finish the two baby quilts I have committed to quilt for our Quilty Aunts on the forum. And THEN, I can get to Isaiah's quilt.

:) Have a great day. I'll be sure to show you pictures of my lovely machine, when it gets here.

Joining Freshly Pieced today...

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fabric shopping

  Hello All,

I hope you're enjoying some lovely Fall weather. It's beautiful here. Cool at night, warm in the day.

My shopping spree this week:

I bought this gorgeous FQ bundle of Chevrons from Fabric Worm. I  love the tone on tone colors. These are going into Isaiahs I spy quilt.

I am still in love with the Sunkissed fabric line by Sweetwater I found these on sale at Heirloom Patch, for only $6.99 a yard!! (If you decide to buy from this place, beware...the shipping is SLOW!)

I will be using the small pinstrip for Isaih's quilt.

And I think I'll pare up this gray with these lovely charms, Simply Color by Vanessa and Co. Which I got from Green Fairy quilts. She is still having a great sale on her precuts!

I think I am going to make another 4patch quilt, like this one. Only bigger. With the gray/Simply Color. And would like to know if anyone would be interested in doing a follow along?

Have a great day.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Little things

Hello you'all,

It's finally Fall. Although this past week you wouldn't know it by the weather. It was way too hot. But this weekend, we are getting some beautiful Fall weather....maybe even a shower or two :)

I love the early morning light on these trees. The leaves are turning and starting to fall.

I can't believe my little one is 6 months old already! He's sitting up by himself now, with an occasional topple, so we are still pretty careful with him ;) Here he is in one of his favorite spots, the tractor!

He really, really wants to eat 'big people' food. So I've started him on some cereal, banana's and applesauce.
Which means he needed some bibs. Aren't these appropriate. lol

I have a pile of mystery blocks. I'm still working at it. I just don't have time to sew as much as I'd like, so these things are taking time.

I have to work on this, so my mystery quilt will probably go put away for a bit. This is a baby quilt we are making for Sally, who is expecting  a Grandson. I'm piecing it, and will send it to another forum member to quilt.

And then I have to get  one quilted. It's for another forum member, Tricia, who has a Grandson that needs a quilt.
Then maybe I can play with my fabric for Isaiahs', I spy quilt....I am expecting the rest the fabric in the mail anyday now, then I can show you.

Hope you all have a quilty weekend.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mystery quilt weekend

   Hello all,

It's time for another mystery quilt weekend, over at the Q&N.

You can find the fabric requirements and general info on the Q&N blog or head over the shop to sign up.

And if you do sign up and buy the pattern, please come on over to the Q&N forum and join us next weekend as we do this mystery together. Then stick around and have some fun all thru the year with us.

If you've never done a mystery quilt from Jess, you REALLY need to do one! They are always a great pattern, and always fun to share how it's going, get tips and color inspiration from other quilters too.

This one is mine from Dec 2011, done in Terrain fabrics. You can buy the pattern over at Quilt Woman, or just get a hold of Jess.

I haven't been doing any quilting this week!! We've been working on getting a schedule down for school/chores/nap/etc. So hopefully I can get some sewing in this week.

Have a great day all.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My GF's Grandbaby quilt

Hello Everyone,

Did you have a good weekend? It's been busy here, with a house full of sick kids all last week. Thankfully, everyone is on the mend, except my poor Sweetie, he has the kids' cold now.

My good friend Carol's dd, finally received her baby quilt that I made with some Hunky Dory fabrics. I blogged about it here.


And boxes....

Here is the finished quilt.

Cute pinwheels for a sweet little girl.

I spent some time yesterday fussy cutting up my I spy blocks. I still need to order my solid colors for this quilt.

Have a great day all.

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