Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Making some progress

Good morning All,

I haven't had much time in the sewing room, but I have managed a bit here and there.

I'm working on my project for the Opposites attract blog hop starting next month.

My FMQing is rusty, but I had fun making these quick flowers. I love these greens and purples!

I got my inspiration from nature. Spring time on the Ridge means lots of greens and purples. Everything from pinky-purple.....

To dark purple...

And so many shades in between.

It always amazes me how many purple wildflowers there are here :)

I've also done a bit of work on my 9patch quilt.

I still have a long way to go, and many blocks to make before it's time to iron and trim.

These are 4.5", aren't they cute! This is a great scrap buster, I can't wait to see if finished.

Linking up with Lorna and Lea Anne today, thank you Ladies!

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Friday, April 15, 2016

SPRING! and a fun new blog hop

Good morning All,

I hope that Spring has sprung where you are (unless of course it's supposed to be winter at your place ;) LOL). My talented daughter has been capturing the beauty on the Ridge.

apple blossoms

gorgeous butterfly!

my son loves picking these wildflowers

lilacs! such a lovely smell

And a fun new blog hop is coming in June.

                                       New blog hop

As soon as I read about it over at Marian's blog, I had to sign up. I had an image pop into my head, so I know what I am making already :)

Head over to Marian's blog to read all about it.

Have a great day!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quilt Qwazy Queen blog hop... my day

Hello All,

Welcome to the Ridge. So glad you could pop in. This blog hop by Marian is in celebration of quilting, as March 19th was National Quilt day and all of March is National Craft month. Thanks for putting it together Marian! And thanks to all our sponsers, there's some great prizes being given away every day!

I have a prize to give away! ONE  beautiful FQ bundle (sorry, you don't get to choose) from Timeless Treasures AND Marian has a giveaway on her blog also, so don't forget to drop by her site. I'll pick and annouce the winner of my prize Wednesday at 9pm (so you have 24hrs to enter). Please make sure I have a way of contacting you!

                                                Timeless Treasures

This hop is all about our 'quilt qwaziness'... lol.. or why we enjoy quilting so much, our journey, etc. Well, I am crazy about fabrics. I love making things... bags, table runners, small quilts, large quilts, sewing machine covers... lots of things!  I have 4 old machines that I use. My two favorites are my late 1800s White Treadle, and my early 1900s Singer 210. I do all my quilting on this Singer.

I started out being a hand quilter. Then about halfway thru my quilting  'career' I turned to machine quilting. Which I still don't do a lot of quilting, as my HUGE stack of quilt tops convey :) I guess I am a piecer at heart ;) So I guess you can say I am crazy about piecing!

I taught myself how to piece and how to quilt (although my Grandma and Great-Grandma both quilted, I wasn't able to learn from either of them). When I was a newlywed and had lots of time on my hands (23 yrs ago), before the kiddo's started arriving, I would go to the library and check out stacks of quilting books (there was no internet back then). I look back at those first quilts and just have to laugh. Points are cut off, seams don't match, there are puckers and so forth. But those are treasured quilts for my kids, that I still have.

 Ten years ago (or thereabouts) I joined a group of online quilters at a forum. That forum is gone now, but a few years after I joined that group, a group of us broke off and started our own forum. LOL, well, really, Jess started the forum and runs it today. But I think of it as 'ours' as I was there from the very beginning and have helped Jess out along the way. My long time readers know how much I love making mystery quilts, and that is Jess's line of business. Thats why I have so very many quilt tops packed away, waiting for them to become quilts. I tested most of Jess's patternes over the years, and for a few years, I tested some of Jess's Mom's patterns too. I've learned so much from these Ladies on the forum.

I eventually made it to making my own patterns. Bags and quilts, table mats and more. You can find my tutorials at the top of the screen under the 'tutorials' button. I have some tutorials over at Samm's site too (you can find a list of them on the right side bar). But many of my patterns are just first drafts, tucked away in a three ring binder. Who knows, maybe one day they'll come out and see the light of day. I always thought it would be fun to sell them.

This one I made for my oldest son a few years ago.

And here's the one I made for my dd last year.

I designed both of these quilts for my kids, it's one of my favorite parts of quilting. I love to design and pick out colors, I guess you could say I was crazy about it ;)

I have helped make many donation quilts over the years too. That is always fun, making quilts with friends who love to make quilts :) 

This year, I've been working on my Cornerstone blocks quilt. And it's finally a pieced top! Yah. This is my own creation. Very simply two blocks put together to make something a bit different.

I love the corners.

Although, there are a few blocks I would turn around.... if I wanted to undo the quilt... which I don't LOL.

It just fits my queen sized bed.

And here's how far I've got on my Round of 9s reinvented. 
Lots of chain stitching going on, to make all these little 4.5" 9 patches.

 Here are my piles of segments I'm using.

Part of my love of quilting is helping others learn my craft. So you'll find lots of little tips and tricks through out my blog. I hope you stick around and browse my posts. Have a great day! Don't forget to go over to Marian's for another giveaway. I'll be using a random number generator to pick my winner. So be sure to leave me a comment!

 The winner will have to provide me with a valid email address which I will share with

Marian @ Seams to be Sew

who will email you the information to redeem your prize.

 As a gift to everyone, the Fat Quarter Shop is offering  a 10% discount during the hop.

 This is not good for gift certificates however. Use this code at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase:


Please visit these ladies today:

March 23
Elizabeth Coughlin Designs
Ridge Top Quilts
Quilt Art
Patchwork Breeze
Kwilt Krazy  Is rescheduled for tomorrow    

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Quilt Qwasy Queens blog hop starts tomorrow!

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Helllo Everyone,

Just wanted to remind you that the triple Q blog hop starts tomorrow. In celebration of National Quilting day :)

This blog hop is all about WHY you love to quilt or piece, WHY you are crazy about the process and the fabrics and all the neat notions that go along with this hobby. So lots of fun, fascinating reading will be going on, and plenty of eye candy I'm sure!

Here is the schedule full schedule :

                                                                          March 25 

As you can see, my day is next Wednesday. Here is a little sneak peak of what I am going to show you, my Cornerstone quilt!

And remember, there are some fabulous gifts to be given away each day of the hop too! Some of the Gals are having their own give away, plus the sponsered one, so be sure and stop by all the blogs and entered the giveaways.

Have a great day! 

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A new project

Hello All,

While I'm waiting for fabric for my cornerstones quilts, I've been playing with some more scraps. I like to use strips when piecing, so tend to have a lot of various sized strip pieces left over. I save them and got them sorted awhile back.

Last year, I saw this post and knew I had to make one of these quilts, one day. Well, that one day is here... at least I'm getting a start on it.

I'm making the 9 patches, I'll need some this way..

And some this way...

I cut out my background fabric, some of these are left over strips from other projects, but much of it is just cut from yardage. Various Sunkissed pieces in gray.

I've gathered my colorful 1.5" strips, and started sewing them to the background pieces. One set is a row of colored pieces/gray/colored pieces and one set is gray/colored pieces/gray. It doesn't matter that my colored pieces are various lengths.

Then I trim the end and start cutting 1.5" strips from these sets.

When I come to the end of one piece, I just cut it out and continue on my way.

When the sets are all sewn together, I press them with the seams opposite each other. One set towards the middle strip, one set towards the outside strips, so that when I sew them together, they nestle nicely.

I have a lot of pressing and cutting to do...

The weather is gorgeous here this week :) So the kids are outside playing a lot.. which gives me time to head to the sewing room.

Have a great day all.

 Linking up with LeAnn.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

A new year already.. and the first month is gone..

Well hello All,

It's been awhile. I am really hoping to get back into the swing of things this year. I've missed blogging and I still have a huge pile of quilt tops that need quilting, maybe this will be the year :)

I did finish my dd's quilt in Dec.

 I just did some simple, straight line quilting on it.

All of my Cornerstone blocks (made with disappearing 9 patches and flying geese) are done, I need to order some sashing fabric for it, before I can get it all pieced together.

All the ones above are vice/verse blocks, two of each.

And these 5 are just single ones, as I needed a few more to make my design.

Lately I've been working on  Pat and my '+' blocks that we exchanged in 2013. I have the blocks sewn together, now I will be adding a 2" solid border, then a scrappy border...maybe a piano key border? we'll see.

a VERY busy quilt top... but I will enjoy looking at all the pretty fabrics in it :)... which needs to be ironed, of course ;)

I think I am going to be doing this BOM/blog hop this year. I am not much of an appliquer, so I probably will only do the pieced blocks, but it looks like fun :)

Sew Incredibly Crazy

 Thank you Amy and all the contributers, one of which is  Ms. Pat :)

I've never done a BOM before, so we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping it will help me get my sewing mojo back.


Here on the Ridge, we've been getting a lot of rain. We really need it, so it's a good thing. It's too warm this time of year here in upper California to get snow, unless you are up above 4 or 5,000 ft.... except for occassionaly we'll get a little bit, just enough to look pretty then it melts.

Have a great day.

Linking up with Lorna. Thanks Lorna!

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

I'm wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope it's full of wonderful things, family and good food.

It's Christmas Eve, and we have a snow storm outside :) It's supposed to last all day and give us 2-4 inches of snow :) It's going to be cold over night, with maybe a few flurries.. which means we are going to have a White Christmas :) and you just don't know how happy that makes me!!! LOL And my kids. They can't wait to play in it.

That makes it a very Merry Christmas for me. Hope yours is just as great.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope your day is filled with good food, family, friends... and some sewing thrown in for good measure :)

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What I've been up to

Hello All,

California is getting some much needed rain. On and off, with a few snow flurries thrown in :) My youngest realllllly wants the snow to stick and be a foot deep, so he can play and go sledding. lol. I hope we'll have a snowy winter this year. Last winter, we barely got any.

So, I wanted to show you the quilt I made for my Aunt. This was one of my tops that were in the 'need to be quilted' pile. So I got a quilt off the pile and sent a warm hug to my Aunt :)

Here's a close up.. sorry these pictures aren't the greatest.. I kept the quilting easy. Ran two straight lines on the diagonals and did some large, loopy flowers in the flower blocks.

I love Irish chains :) and this one is one of my very favorites. I'm glad my Aunt has it.

I only have three more blocks on my cornerstone quilt to put together :)

But, with the weather turning cold, I decided it was time to get my dd's quilt top quilted up. My new table is awesome when it comes to basting :) No more trying to find a large piece of floor space and then crawling around on the floor... haven't been able to do that for ages due to my hips. So I tried other things. I even taped the pieces to a wall and sandwhiched a few quilts on the wall a time or two.. that was better than crawling on the floor. But... this table is so much better than both those methods.

Another chain type quilt, I just love them.

Here's a close up of those clips that hold the quilt to the table. I got them at

They work pretty good.

So after this, I really should get a move on on a few Christmas gifts huh?! Can you believe how close it is!!

Linking up with Lorna.

Have a great day.

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