Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Working on the Round Robins

Hello Everyone,

I hope your Summer (or Winter) is going well. Here at my place it hasn't been tooooo terribly hot yet, but then, anything over 85 is too hot for me ;)

What little sewing I've been doing has been on these two round robins I've been working on.

The 30s print one is done. After unfolding it, I knew it needed some prairie points going around it.

As you can see by the picture, the prairie points are only sewn along the bottom edge in the seam line. Once Denise gets this home, she can iron them down and do her quilting, then they'll stay pointing up.

These prairie points are really easy to make. I took a few charm packs... laid one out, and folded it diagonally.

Folded it diagonally again.

Made another one. Then stuck one point of PP 1 inside of PP2, I like there to be about an inch between the two points.

But you can pull your PP inside further if you want to, you'll just see more of the jointed place once its' sewn onto the quilt.

 I put this under my machine and sew an 1/8 of an inch from the edge. Putting PP2  inside PP1 as I sew along.

 Then just keep adding them as you go. Sewing them all in a straight strip.

 Here is a close up of some of them sewn on the quilt top.

Now on to the pretty star RR. Here's my pieces, I just need to sew them all together and put them on the top.

My scrap project is coming along nicely. I've decided to pull more scraps, from another bin. I'll cut and trim those then buy some clear plastic bins and put different sizes and shapes into them. So, an on going project. I wont be making any quilt tops out of them just yet... although I have plenty of ideas :)

Have a great week ya'all.

Linking up with Lorna for Lets Bee Social this week. Thanks Lorna.

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Taming the scraps

Hello Everyone,

My poor little blog, I've been neglecting it again. I seem to be in a slump, and haven't been doing that much sewing lately.

So I decided that my newest, and smallest, scrap bin is in danger of overflowing, and I had better do something about it.

I've been sorting... here's some squares of various sizes

Lots and lots of strips, mostly 2.5", but there are some smaller and a few larger. They aren't sorted into various sizes yet, just piled up.

And even some triangles.

My first thought, with all those strips, is a chain quilt of some sort. I love Irish chains. I've been playing around with EQ. And think I have a plan....but the more I think about it, the more I think I'm going to have to do two quilts here. A triple Irish chain with all those strips, and then something else... we shall see.

But I have to put those aside for now, because I have some beautiful RR's to work on.

One with 30's fabrics, and a bright, jewel starred one. I have to put my thinking cap on and pull out my 30's scraps.

What have you been up to?

Have a great day.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Willow Bend Creations

Hello Everyone,

A few weeks ago I got an email from Willow Bend Creations asking me if I would like to test one of their products :) They call their patterns Continuum Quilting Patterns and say "they are like applique without the struggle".

They have wildlife, western, fairies and favorite places to choose from. Lovely silhouette style patterns that you iron on a fusible web and then onto your chosen fabrics.

I chose to do wildlife, and they sent me 4 patterns to test out.

They asked that I put them into a small wall hanging like this. Choosing my own colors and quilt design.

I had a lot of fun making this cute wall hanging.  Quilting it in a simple style.

You cut out all those little 'holes' to make this. But if you dont' want to do that, or if you have issues with your hands, then WBC's also offers laser cut patterns! Already on the fusible web and cut out for your convience. 

Thank you Tim and Mary, I had a lot of fun making this wall hanging. 

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

ALYOF April goal...met!

Hello Everyone,

I hope the weather is beautiful wherever you are. It sure is lovely here. It's going to be a hot, dry summer though, with so very little rainfall this Spring.

I've completed my April goal for ALOYF. It was to finish piecing the top of this mystery quilt. And I did! Just in the nick of time ;)

I just love, love, love these colors! I love the black so much, I put it in the outer border too, instead of the colors that the pattern said too :D

The rose and pink go so well with the black and blues.

This is a Jessica Smith pattern, you can find it here.

Linking up Shanna and Melissa, thanks Ladies.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

A Friday finish

Hello All,

I finally got a picture of my Torque quilt. This was a mystery pattern last Sept. I finally finished the top last week. It's a Jessica J.E. Smith pattern, of course :) You can find the pattern at Quiltwoman.

It's a log cabin style quilt, so if you like log cabin blocks, this one is for you.

Another great pattern Jess, thank you!

I'm linking up with finishes Friday's over at Crazy mom Quilts this week.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Catching up on some mysteries/ALYOF goal

Hello Everyone,

Well here it is the beginning of April, and we are FINALLY going to see some snow this weekend. LOL, I know many of you in the states have seen enough of it, but in my little corner, we haven't had any since last Nov, and that was just a sprinkling. We really need the moisture, so it will be nice :)

But in the sewing room, I'm working with these bright, beautiful Summery fabrics.

The rows just need to be sewn together, and the top will be done. It's one of Jess's mystery, you can find the pattern here, you'll have to ask Jess for her Torque pattern, as I dont' see it listed. Or you can buy it here.

Then I get to finish putting this one together. This top is going to be my April ALYOF goal over at Shanna's and Melissa's. To get this top pieced.

It's also one of Jess's mysteries, this one is called Frolic and you can find it at Jess's site or at the QuiltWoman's site.

I don't like a lot of print on black back ground fabrics, but I just love that one in the picture above. It's sooo pretty!! Can't wait to have this one pieced.

Both the mysteries are from last year. If you don't want to see what the quilt looks like before you put it together, contact Jess here and ask her for the mystery patterns from last year.  The previous links will take you to the pattern with a full disclosure of what it looks like :)

Sunny days are better days for sewing at my house, as the munchkins are all outside playing. So not sure how much I'll be getting done this weekend.

Have a great day all!

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Beautiful Birds blog hop

Hello All,

It's my day today, to show you what I made with this Beautiful Bird fabric by Elizabeth's studio's.
Thank you to Lana, for being such a great hostess and keeping us going while our wonderful Samm is concentrating on personal matters.

My sweet friend Pat sent me a panel of the Birds and one of the tree, and as soon as I received it, I thought it would look great on a bag or two. Here's the fabrics I choose to go with the bird panel. Which I fussy cut.

My family of 6 are big readers, especially my daughter and I. And when we go to the library, we have to have BIG bags to bring home books for everyone (Even my 3yo loves getting books.)

So I decided to update our library bags. I used my original pattern, but didn't put in the zippered pocket and I used patchwork on the front and back. I also quilted it this time, where as in my original pattern, I just used interface. (It's fun to look at one of my first patterns. It's about time I updated it I think. lol)

After cutting up the tree panel, I decided it wouldn't work right in my pattern. I just used the light green instead. I got the pink bag. I love pink and green together. Each side has different bird prints.

My dd is partial to blue, so I looked thru my fabrics to see what I can use for hers. These bright sunflowers look nice with the Birds too.

These bags are BIG, they are 15" square and 10" wide. So they hold a lot of books.

The straps are sewn all along where they touch the bag, to add strength.

 The pattern is free. If you make one, I would love to see it.

 Thanks for stopping by today. And don't forget to visit the other Ladies and see what beautiful projects they made today.


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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A fun finish

Hello All,

Spring is in the air here in N. California. The Redbuds are in bloom

As are some of my Iris's.

The oak trees are leafing out and we have some fruit on our plum tree!

And here's whats blooming inside...

My first attempt at raw edge applique. Not the greatest work.

But I had a lot of fun, especially with quilting it.

Here's the back, so bright and cheerful.

I'm also working on my Birds blog hop projects. I have one completed, and am hoping to get another one done before my day, next Wed.

I hope you all are getting a bit of sunshine too.

Linking up with Lorna today and Quilt Story, thanks Ladies!

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Making progress

Hello Everyone,

I've gotten in some sewing this week :) Making a bit of progress on some things.

This is the fabric I am using for the Bird blog hop next month ( my day is March 18th) hosted by Samm on Sew We Quilt.

I've got all my pieces cut and have started to sew.

And here is some progress on one of the Round Robins I am doing over on the Q&N forum.

I'm waiting on some fabrics to come in, so I can finish it up and get it sent off to the next person.

I even managed to get some charity blocks and some blocks for 2 Quilt of Valor quilts made!

Speaking of the Q&N forum, it's that time again, time for a Mystery.

You can get your pattern for this mystery quilt here. And kits. I will not be sewing it this time around, too much else I need to sew. But Jess's mystery weekends are always great.

Have a great day!

Linking up with Lorna today. Thank you Lorna!

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Friday, February 13, 2015

What I'm working on

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all in the snowy states are staying warm. You sure are getting walloped this year. We've had some unusual rain/wind for February here. But it's good, we sure do need it. I hope we get some nice snow in a month or so :) And now more sunshine.

I have this pretty Fall quilt to work on. It's for our Round Robin on the Q&N forum. This one is Dawn's.

I have my fabric picked out and cut. So need to get to sewing more.

My good friend Pat sent me some Beautiful Bird fabric panels(thank you sweetie). So I have to get going and figure out what I want to make with it. It's for the Bird blog hop next month.

I have some backing and batting, so I am ready to sand which my dd's quilt together too.

That should keep me busy in the sewing room for awhile, yes?! lol

What are you up to?

Have  a great day!

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