Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth, and a finish...

Happy Fourth of July to my American readers! I hope you have a fantastic day and enjoy some fireworks.

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Now that my little guy is 3 months old, it's getting a little easier to get some sewing time in. He's happy hanging out with  a brother or sister for a bit. And he's finding it easier to nap in his crib, instead of on Me :)

Here is my Butterfly quilt.

I backed it with some soft fleece and had fun with the sewing. I didn't mark any lines, so they are a bit wavy and uneven... but that just adds some whimsy to the quilt, yes?? LOL

Can you see my big mistake??

I put that one piece on backwards, and didn't even realize it. It says I 'heart' Mommy, I 'heart' Daddy...but you need a mirror to read it ;)

Here are a close up of the quilting... I'm getting better.

If you missed it, my free tutorial for this quilt is listed on the left hand side of my blog, along with others I've done for the Sew We Quilt blog.

 I hope you are all enjoying some Summer sewing. And keeping cool, those of you in the hot States right now.

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  1. Hi, Dorian ... What a lovely soft cuddle of a quilt! Nice to see that you have some time for quilty creating, my friend ... :) Pat

  2. Good job on the quilt and the quilting! I'm amazed that with a baby you get everything done that you do! I didn't notice your mistake until you pointed it out!


  3. Happy 4th to you and your family, too, Dorian! Cute quilt! Heck, there isn't a baby I know of who would know how to read that so guessing it won't matter if you need a mirror to read it. :) It just adds to the charm of the quilt.


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