Monday, September 16, 2019

Stitch it and Gift it

Hello All,

We are getting some rain today, sure does feel good. It's not cold, just a bit chilly. 

I just wanted to pop in and tell you all about November's blog hop. It's call Stitch it and Gift it. All about stitching up and giving gifts...and my long time readers know I like do that :)

Carla is hosting it, thank you Carla :)

You can pop over to Carla's blog and join up if you feel like. Have a lovely day all.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Phires Compass, a finished quilt

Hello Everyone,

It's starting to feel a bit like Fall these past few days. Cool and cloudy. Lots of rain in the mtns, so hopefully it has helped to put out some fires.

I've been working on this Phires Compass quilt for the past month or so. I've finally finished it. I started it here, a bit over a year ago.

This is a modified version of the pattern Phires Radiance, designed by Jessica J.E Smith. I am not sure where you can find the Phires Compass pattern, she designed it for Northcott fabrics and I can't find a pattern for it, as it was made back in 2009.  But they are just a little bit different, so if you like this pattern, get the Phires Radiance pattern and have fun with it.

I found a busy backing for it, the colors are fairly matchy, so I think it works well. And I bound it with the same yellow. (Doesn't the picture above make it look like the slice of an orange or grapefruit?)

This is the third one that I've made, but the only one I've quilted!! LOL

My boys were helping me out, and the youngest decided he had to peak over the top and be in the picture :)

Hope you all have a great week!

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

A fun swap

 Hello All,

Such an interesting summer weather wise. Last Sat, we had Tstorms roll thru, we even got around 1/2" of rain, so that was awesome. Now we are back up into the low 90s for a few days. 

My friends and I on the quilt forum QATW, did a fun swap this month. We all sent 2 yrds of fabric to someone, that someone added a yrd of fabric from their own stash/or bought one, and then made a quilt for the person who sent the 2 yrds of fabric.

I sent my fabric on to Jessica. This is what she returned to me. She added the green to my red and cream to make this lovely snowball quilt. Isn't it beautiful? Jessica does such nice work.

Donna sent me these two fabrics.

I added these daisy's to them...

And made her this Happy Garden Maze pattern from Pat @ the Scrapatch.

I did make a variation there, adding in the double pinwheel blocks inside of the garden maze.

Swapping fabrics and quilted items with your quilting buddies is so much fun :) 

Take care all,
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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Scrappy Irish stars top

Hello All,

The summer here has just been so lovely, I can't get over it. We've had very few days over 90 degrees, and none over 95, and that is almost unheard of! I feel very blessed to have such great weather this year. I pray that it keeps the fire danger down. August/Sept are the two worst months for fire in California.

I've finished piecing my scrappy Irish stars! The pattern is at Wedding Dress Blues. I debated about putting a border on it, but I don't think I will. It is at 70x80 right now. I think a border might detract from it's scrappy goodness.

This quilt has some of my very favorite fabrics in it. The background for the stars is from Sweet waters Sunkissed collection, which is my all time favorite :)

There's some V& Co fabrics (that bright orange loveliness). And some Maywood (the roses). 

That cute kitty is Here Kitty Kitty fabrics I got with the kit for this quilt.

Love those gray butterflies too... so many great collections here :)

This quilt to will go put away for now. I have a few other quilts I want to get quilted up before I tackle this one.

Have a great day all!

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Some quilty progress

Hello Everyone,

I hope your Summer (winter) is going well. It's been beautiful here. Highs haven't gotten out of the 80s! Which is just soooo nice, as usually we are roasting by now. I see that our temps are going to go up this week though, so I guess our hot summer has begun.

I've been working on getting my Phires Compass top quilted up. I tell myself every year "this is the year to get lots of quilting done" and it just doesn't happen. This is my second quilt this year that I am quilting, but I have 3 more in progress of being made, and I have added at least 2 more tops to my 'to quilt' pile. I'll never see the end of that pile at this rate ;)  

Looking at the link for this quilt, I realized I never showed you a finished top...hmm, I'll make sure to take pictures once the top is quilted :) But here you can see the progress I am making on quilting it.

I'm doing lots of flowers, leaves, swirls and loops. I have done a few new-to-me loopy designs that I got from Lori Kennedy. I have her first book, and I really like it. I follower her blog too and have learned many different quilting motifs. I'm practicing lots on this quilt, which is the best way to practice for me. on a quilt top ;)

I have these two lovely piles of scrappy goodness, waiting to be put into a  quilt top. These are the Irish stars and chain blocks.

I'll be putting these together soon.

Have a great day! Stay cool... or warm...

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Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Irish Star

Hello Everyone,

The latest scrap quilt I've been working on is the Irish star. A pattern I found here, on the Wedding Dress Blues blog.

I am loving these stars!!!

 I made 28 of them, in 7 different colors (I have some blue ones too). I am glad the stars are done, as I was starting to get bored putting them together. lol. As much as I love them, repetition too many times is no fun ;)

Now I have to make 28 chain blocks. Here they are, all cut out and ready to go.

I know it's not a 'true' scrappy quilt, but I only wanted certain shades and I had to have them put in some kind of order. It's going to be a nice sized quilt, 76 x 85 without borders. I'm sure I'll add one or two of those though also.

Thanks for the great pattern, Deanna.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

A special post for my daughters book

Hello Everyone,

It's summertime here, the weather is warm, the skies are sunny.. time for a dip in the creek, lake, or pool...where ever we can get our feet wet :)

My long time readers know that I am a homeschooling Momma. And as a very proud Mom today, I want to share a link with you.

My daughter, Rachael, is an unpublished author. She has written some young adults books and has things out at publishers and agents, trying to get a foot hold somewhere. She decided to put one of her books in ereader format and see how it goes.

Her books are full of fun and adventure for 9 to 14 yr olds, or anyone who enjoys a fun, adventure book. There is no cussing, no kissing, no adult stuff... except for fighting. Her books do have fighting, but nothing gory or too detailed. The genre is sci-fi/fantasy.

If you enjoy young adult books or if you have a child that enjoys fantasy/adventure books, I highly recommend Rachael's books :)

Here is the link to her first one.

A Ship in the Sand

A Ship In The Sand

Shot down by space pirates and shipwrecked on a distant planet, the boy Tam and his dog Wolf must find a way to survive. The desert which they were shipwrecked in is beautiful but lonely, seemly empty of all human life.

But then Tam finds a strange space ship buried in the sand, and sees it as a way to get off of the planet and seek out his revenge on the space pirates.

Is the mysterious ship really empty, though? Lights are turned on when Tam did not switch them, and the computers give strangely human messages. The boy and his dog may not be as alone as they first thought they were..

If you read it and enjoy it, please feel free to pass the link on to others you feel might like it too.

Have a great day!

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Saturday, June 1, 2019

A mystery quilt and another scrappy quilt

Hello Everyone,

I hope your Summer (winter) is off to a good start. We've had Tstorms going thru here about once a day, but sunny and warm other wise. Its good for the garden and the water tanks, so I'm not complaining.

As I finished Big Brown Bear and don't have the right fabrics to finish some UFO's, I decided to make yet another scrappy quilt. This is another one by Deanna at Wedding Dress Blues. It's called Irish Stars. As I love Irish Chain quilts and I still have quite a bit of precut squares in my scrap bin, I decided...why not??!

Here is flying geese for the stars and the center of the stars. The white with orange dots is part of the background. I dug into my treasured Sunkissed Fabrics by Sweet Water for this quilt.

I choose to use darker/more vibrant hues in this quilt. I think these are all the colors I want to use, although when I do the chain blocks, I might have to add some other shades, as there are 25 squares in each chain block. At least it will wipe out all my 2.5" squares in the scrap bin :) 

Now really, I am not sure what made me choose this pattern, as I ALWAYS have issues with flying geese.. Sigh~ I guess the chain part won out this time. No matter what method I use, I usually end up ripping and resewing quite a few of the geese.

This time, I followed the directions of Deanna and used a 2.5"x 4.5" rectangle for the background and 2.5" squares for the 'wings'. Using the stitch and flip method to put them together. 

You put one square on the end of the rectangle and sew diagonally from corner to corner. I don't draw a line on little squares like this, I just 'eyeball' it.

Then I cut the corner off, using a 1/4" seam.

This time, I want to keep the triangle with the background triangle, so I sewed them together right away, chain stitching them, doing one color at a time (there are 7 colors).

Then you sew the other square to the other side, cut with a 1/4" seam.

Now I get to redo almost half of them. SIGH~ BUT, it used up a bunch of scrap squares, so all is good.

I also have started a new mystery quilt over on my forum, Quilting around the world. My long time readers will know how much I love a good mystery :) Here are the fabrics I am using.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Big Brown Bear is a finished quilt!

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all having a great Saturday. I wanted to pop in real quick and show you my finished Bear quilt. This is my own design, putting together a few different blocks. The Bear and the cute paw print border comes from Lorna's Bear pattern

 This is the back. My future BIL is ex-navy, he served for 10 yrs and I thought I'd give a nod to him with this eagle, flying in the forest. 

My Sister and BIL live in the forest in Oregon. So I think this bear quilt will fit in their home just perfectly. They love the woods. ( On a side note, I find it fascinating that out of 4 of us girls (me and my 3 sisters), 3 of us married a man who had something to do with boats and water. Ken is ex-navy, as is my honey, and my other BIL Marc comes from a family of boat builders/sailers.... Of course, all three of our men came from California, where there is water right there LOL! so maybe that explains it :)

Back to the quilt.... Here you can see the quilting a bit. I used a mixture of loops, swirls, stars and hearts.

One last picture.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Quilting the Bear and other progress

Hello Everyone,

Having a good Spring (Winter)? We had some lovely days after many days of rain, that was really nice, but now we are getting some more rain...which we need, so I am not complaining. The garden is growing fast, the Iris's are in bloom as are the roses :)

And inside... I've been quilting the Bear quilt (pattern from Lorna). Loops, and stars, swirls and ... hearts :) Because, it is a wedding quilt, after all ;)

I've gotten most of it quilting now, just have to do the borders. So, I think I will make the August deadline at this rate, yah!!

Another project I've been working on here and there the past few months is this one:

Sorry for the glare... Island Sunrise by Judy Niemeyer. It is a paper piecing pattern. I bought this quite a few years ago, not sure how many exactly. I would work on it for a bit, then put it away for a few years, then bring it out again. I don't do PPing very much.  But I am now to this stage,

The paper piecing is all done, now I am just putting on the corners.

I need to buy some tone on tone green and blue, in order to finish it though.

So, back it goes for however long... one day it will be finished :)

Have a lovely day All.

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