Monday, January 7, 2019

Scrappy goodness

Hello All,

We got our first snow of the year :) That makes me happy. It wasn't a lot, but it sure did look pretty coming down. And makes for a great time to be in the warm house, playing with my scraps.

I started this project back in Feb of 2016, it's called Round of Nines Reinvented. (The link for the project no longer works. It's a  Quilting Company pattern, here is a youtube video for it.) I would work on it, the put it away in a drawer for a long while, then work on it a little bit more. It spent most the time in the drawer. But a few months ago I decided to take it out and finish it.

After making all my 9 patch blocks, I laid them out and decided it was way too busy for me. I had to put some sashing in there and slow things down a bit.

Then I used some more scraps, and made this cute border.

Here's where it is so far. It's 58x58, I think I want to add one more sashing/small border to rest the eyes, and then some more scrappy goodness at the top and bottom to make it longer. 

While those ideas are perculating in my head, these scraps called out to me, as I went thru the scrap drawer.

They got to send to me by  my quilty friends who I was doing a round robin with. The are leftover pieces that one person sends along with the row she added, in case others want to use some of the bits and pieces in their row.  This is the round robin we made. 

And this is what I am making with those tiny HST's you see in the picture of these scraps.

These stars are quite small, the HST's are 1.5" unfinished. Not sure what I am doing with these cuties, but I'll figure something out.

I've been having fun playing in my scrap bin! So many lovely things can come out of those little pieces :) 

Have a great day!

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  1. It looks like you took full advantage of a snowy day! Nine patches AND a patchwork border...Oh, I love all that scrappy goodness! I've been cleaning out and I'm almost afraid to admit that I threw some scraps away. Now, after seeing your pretty stars, I wonder what they might have become.

  2. Scrappy goodness! The scrap quilt is wonderful. I shall look forward to seeing how you make it larger. The tiny HSTs are making lovely little star blocks. Sew inspiring. I need to sew more of my scraps ... :-) Pat

  3. Just beautiful work, Dorian! Keep it up! Having completed some things makes you more eager to work on other things! :-) HUGS~

  4. Love your round robin quilt. It has come together well.

  5. Dorian, you are sew clever and so talented. Your use of scraps to make these pretty stars is wonderful. How pretty all the fabrics look together.


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