Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A new project

Hello All,

While I'm waiting for fabric for my cornerstones quilts, I've been playing with some more scraps. I like to use strips when piecing, so tend to have a lot of various sized strip pieces left over. I save them and got them sorted awhile back.

Last year, I saw this post and knew I had to make one of these quilts, one day. Well, that one day is here... at least I'm getting a start on it.

I'm making the 9 patches, I'll need some this way..

And some this way...

I cut out my background fabric, some of these are left over strips from other projects, but much of it is just cut from yardage. Various Sunkissed pieces in gray.

I've gathered my colorful 1.5" strips, and started sewing them to the background pieces. One set is a row of colored pieces/gray/colored pieces and one set is gray/colored pieces/gray. It doesn't matter that my colored pieces are various lengths.

Then I trim the end and start cutting 1.5" strips from these sets.

When I come to the end of one piece, I just cut it out and continue on my way.

When the sets are all sewn together, I press them with the seams opposite each other. One set towards the middle strip, one set towards the outside strips, so that when I sew them together, they nestle nicely.

I have a lot of pressing and cutting to do...

The weather is gorgeous here this week :) So the kids are outside playing a lot.. which gives me time to head to the sewing room.

Have a great day all.

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  1. A great way to use up those pretty scraps! Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  2. I just saw your new post and it's going to be so pretty! Keep on sewin'! :-)

  3. Boy this will be awesome with that mix of fabrics!

  4. Fun blocks to make. I've even done them smaller, but that takes time.


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