Sunday, May 6, 2018

Knee control and some quilting

Hello Everyone,

Recently, I asked my oldest son if he would change my foot petal on the sewing machine, to a knee control. My feet have issues and I often need to stretch my legs out and rest the feet more. So with a knee control, I can still sew and rest my feet. It's just a bar that you attach to the foot petal on the side of your sewing table. You push on one side of the bar, and it pushes on the foot petal with the other side.

Which means I've been getting some quilting done, yah!

I'm working on my hst quilt, I'm only going to show you a sneak peak, you'll have to come back on May 22nd to see the rest.

On May 22nd is my day on the Wish upon a star blog hop, hosted by Carol over at Just let me quilt.

Have a great day!

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  1. Very pretty star block, Dorian! Give my thanks to J for me for helping to get you sewing and blogging again. It is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing your quilt ... :-) Pat

  2. How interesting that you can convert the foot pedal. I learned to sew on an old Singer at school, and all the machines had levers we pushed with our knees - no foot pedals. When I went home to use my mom's FW, it always was an adjustment. LOL I wonder if I could do it now, and it would come back to me after all these years!


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