Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Lets bee Social

Hello Everyone,
I'm joining Lorna today, on Lets Bee Social. 

My youngest son just turned 6. About a month ago, I was getting him into bed, and he said "Mom, you haven't made me any quilts."

I laughed and said, "What are all these on your bed then? I see at least 3 quilts I made you."

His reply, " No, I mean the kind you hang on the wall and look at."

I had no idea he wanted a wall hanging. But I immediatelly thought of Lorna and her darling puppy pattern. 

Because Isaiah has a stuffed puppy that he plays with all the time, he can't go to sleep if Heart puppy isn't with him. He's had this puppy since he was 2, and he still loves it to pieces. 

So I bought some heart fabric and made a wall hanging to put above his bed.

I quilted bones in the blue part (sorry for the fuzzy photos).


Isaiah loves his wall hanging. Thank you Lorna, for so many cute patterns! And for having a linky party.
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  1. That is such a sweet conversation your son had with you! Great job getting a puppy wall quilt for him pronto!

  2. Such a sweet little story. You must have been thrilled that he asked for a quilt for his wall. And I'm sure you enjoyed stitching it too!

  3. This is adorable, Dorian. How nice that I wanted a wall quilt from you. I am sure he loves looking at it. This cute little quilt is filled with love ... <3 Pat

  4. THat is adorable and how wonderful to have a son that loves and apprecites your work so much xx

  5. LOL...what a sweet conversation and quilt, Dorian! I am impressed with your cute bone quilting!

  6. That is a cute quilt, and how sweet that he asked for one.


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