Friday, August 8, 2014

A few things

Good morning everyone,

The skies are still smoky, the fires still burning, but they are getting contained. Thankfully they are not close enough to us this year to make us be in danger.  But prayers for them being put out is appreciated. If you look at a fire map, it looks like the whole Western side of the US is burning. Pretty scary. Zoom in on Northern California, and you can see all the fires in my area (the gray means it's been put out).

So, onto fun things instead ;)

Blog hop season is starting over at Sew We Quilt. I am not in either of the Sept ones, but I did decide to make a fun Fallish/Halloweeny type one. For the Black Cat Crossing hop in late Oct.

I am not much of a Halloween decorator, but I really like Maywoods fabric lines, this line is called Black Cat Crossing. I can pick fabrics from that line that are more Fallish to me, then Halloween, and it will be a fun quilt to make. Something different for me.

             Haunted Black Cat Crossing Fat Quarter BundleMaywood Studios Fabric     Spooky Black Cat Crossing Fat Quarter BundleMaywood Studios Fabric


I've got most of my blocks done for my DD's quilt.

 Just have a few more windmill blocks to make.

 Now they all need a good ironing and I can start putting things together.

I'm still waiting on backing for my son's quilt.

And I'm still working on my new sewing room. I need to start getting that together. All I have in there so far is my cutting table and sewing machine, plus a few new fabric bins :)

Have a great day all.

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  1. The fire map is scary. May the people and animals be safe from the these fire storms.

    I love the tree house quilt in progress for your girl. The blue background fabric is the perfect choice to make these colors and fabrics shine.

    I really like the Black Cat Maywood Studio fabrics, too. Good to see you joining in the hop, my friend. Looking forward to seeing what you create ... :) Pat

  2. That map is so scary with all the fires! Your blocks are very cute with those fabrics...can't wait to see it finished. Black Cat Crossing is very cool Halloween fabric and I can't wait to sew on it and see what everyone makes.

  3. Prayers continue for the fires to be extinguished completely, but especially for RAIN!!!

    Oh dd's quilt is going to be lovely! You're doing such a great job with it. I also love that background fabric for it!



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