Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Some tops

 Hello All,

I didn't mean to be go for so long. Sewing has been up and down, following the weather patterns we've been having. I get cold easily now a days and when we've had cold, rainy weather, I stay in the living room near the fire. Our Spring has been going from the warm upper 70s down to the low 30's, back and forth. 

I have managed to get a few tops finished though. This table runner is completely finished and already at it's new home. I just forgot to take a photo of it all quilted and bound.

This one was a mystery quilt on my forum. Heather is often doing quilt mysteries with us, always so fun. Mine didn't come out as well as others, as I used to many shades of green and then the two different whitish colors. 

I had chosen this hedgehog fabric as the main focus, so chose colors to go with it. The white with butterflies matches perfectly (the colors of the butterflies), but it wasn't the right project for them.

And here is the cute, colorful irish chain top. I got the borders on and hopefully will get some backing soon and get it quilted up.

I need to turn to quilting, as I have lots of tops that need finishing. But quilting is much harder on me than piecing, and more fun too :)

Linking up with the sweet Ms Pat this week, thank you Pat.

Thank you for stopping by, have a great day!



Carol said...

Dorian, I love ALL your projects! Of course the designer herself is always super critical of her work. lol I'm sure whoever gets all these lovely projects after they are complete will enjoy them!


The Joyful Quilter said...

Cute quilt tops! Glad you're back. Happy quilting!!

ButterZ said...

I’m with you Dorian. I have too many quilts waiting to be quilted.


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