Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Some projects for the New Year

 Hello Everyone,

 A happy new Year to you all. I hope the year has started off well for you.

I received some gift certificates for Christmas this year, to a few of my favorite fabric stores. So I was able to indulge :) Thank you again Carol!

Most of you who have been with me for years, know that my favorite fabric line ever was Sunkissed, by Sweetwater. I just love the soft colors of that line. So I was very thrilled when they came out with the Spring Chicken line last year. As the colors are the same as Sunkissed. So, I had to buy some :)

I am going to use it with these for the Meadow Mist mystery quilt. Cheryl does one clue a month, and it takes a year to get it done. I am too antzy for this, I like to do my mystery quilt clues all at the same time. So I am saving all the clues, and in March I'll get myself caught up, and then be ready for the final clue in April.

The swirly fabrics are going to be the background. Those two fabrics are pieces from Sunkissed that I have been hoarding! I plan on using some of Spring chicken, along with the other fabrics up there, mixing them up and doing a bit of scrappiness.

I've also been wanting to make a rag quilt this year. So I spent a GC on these flannels.

I saw a picture of a rag quilt that uses quilting cottons on the front and the flannel on the back. I liked that look, so I pulled a handful of florals (and discovered something astonishing.... I am running out of florals!! LOL, looks like I have to do more shopping).

These colors aren't exact, but I think they have the same feeling, mostly... and that is what I was shooting for.

I also pulled an old, old quilt top out of storage. I'm not quite sure when I made this top, I can't remember if I did it at the old house (which would be over 11 yrs ago) or if I made it after we moved into this house. But either way, I put it aside and have decided it now needs to be quilted up and sent to it's new owner. She's a special person and her quilt has been calling to me to get it done :)

The quilt design comes out of the Benni Harper quilt albumn. I love the combination of wedding ring and lone star. I really like the colors I used on this quilt. That blue with daisy's is one of my favorites :) So one of the GC's went to backing for this top.

So these projects will keep me busy for a little while at least. Especially since I often have little projects I am doing in between. Like a wall hanging for a swap we are doing on the forum.

So you all take care, thanks for dropping by and have a lovely day.



The Joyful Quilter said...

What pretty projects you have to occupy your time, Dorian!!

Carol said...

As usual, you have an excellent eye for "pairing". I look forward to seeing the finished projects. I'm glad my gifts have provided you with some lovely material! :-)


Charlotte M. said...

I have been asking for years if they would reprint Sunkissed. I bought a half yard bundle of Spring chicken just so I could have those luscious colors again! Can't wait to see how your mystery turns out.

Scrapatches said...

So many beautiful fabrics and projects, my friend! I am happy you were able to go fabric shopping with your GC and added that beautiful Spring Chicken bundle to your Sunkissed stash. It should make lovely mystery quilt, I know what you mean about the long wait between clues for this one. I picked fabrics so long ago and started the first clue before I set aside for other things. I like your idea about saving and sewing the all the clues at once in time for the last clue in April. The flannels with the florals should make a very pretty and cuddly rag quilt. Shopping for more floral fabrics is always fun. I have always loved your lone star wedding ring quilt from the Benni Harper book. I remember seeing you post your progress on the old Q&N Forum. How nice that you have pulled this top out to quilt it, I shall look forward to seeing this one when you have worked your quilting magic on it. Happy sewing and quilting in 2022 ... :) Pat

Barbara said...

I am always so impressed with your creativity! Thanks so much for sharing your gift!


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