Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Puppy Love

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well. It's summer, which means we are dealing with both heat and smoke from fires. Poor California :( 

I got my youngest son's quilt done a week or so ago. He is 9 and just loooves puppies! So I bought this puppy panel and cut them out. As all the puppies wanted to be stars :)

  The pictures are 8" square, so the star blocks ended up around 14". I needed this quilt to be a good size, as my young son is going to be quite tall, like his Daddy and brothers.

I then did a pinwheel for the alternate blocks.

The quilt measures at 52' x 64', so I hope that it keeps him warm for a few years.

As you can see, I quilted it in all over spirals. I wanted the spirals to be bigger, but I had a hard time making myself quilt them larger!

And you can just see the cutie this quilt is for in the picture up above.

I lined it with some soft flannel backing.

One more..

So bright and cheerful (although the pictures don't show how bright it is!), and Isaiah loves it :)

Thanks for stopping by, you all have a lovely day.

I am linking up with Pat at the Scrapatch today, thank you Pat for your weekly link up :)



Carol said...

Fantastic, Dorian! I love the theme...perfect for Isaiah! ;-)


Scrapatches said...

Adorable! And the quilt is, too ... :-) Isaiah looks very happy with his quilt.
You did a wonderful job with the quilting swirls. I have found lots of quilting helps with the longevity of the quilt after many washings. May you boy enjoy his quilt for many years ... :) Pat

The Joyful Quilter said...

That turned out super cute and I'm glad that Isaiah loves his new quilt, Dorian!!

ButterZ said...

It’s a great
Poking quilt. It sure will be loved for many years.


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