Monday, May 17, 2021

Two finished quilts

 Hello Everyone,

I have two finished quilts to show you. The first one is my Southwestern quilt that I started here. I made this for my son Jed. He's 6'3", so it had to be a big quilt. The quilt is 82" x 79", so just big enough.

Jed and I talked about the design and colors he wanted. And so I scanned the web looking for Southwestern designs to incorporate in his quilt. 

He requested a soft, snuggly flannel for the back. Its hard to see this design, but it's a pine tree with a line going around it, makes it look a little Southwestern ;)

I had a good time designing this. And he says he really likes it, colors and all :) So I did a good job.

The next quilt is this pretty little baby quilt for my best friends newest Granddaughter. Who is due to arrive sometime in July.

I had some of these cute prints of the girl, animals and tree fort left over from  my Daughters quilt, so I went thru my stash and found some colors to go with it. 

I just love this mint and pink together, isn't is sweet? This one also has a soft, snuggly flannel backing. These koala's are cute too! (the colors are not really true to form in any of the pictures, but come closest in the below picture.)

It's a small baby sized, just under 40" square. But one I hope she'll drag around with her and play with dollies with :)

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you Pat for your weekly link up.

Have a great evening,



Scrapatches said...

Beautiful quilts, my friend! Jed's quilt is a wonderful design and play on color. I always loved the fabric in your daughter's quilt. The scraps have made an adorable baby quilt. Congratulations on your finishes ... <3 Pat

Carol said...

I love Jed's quilt too! I've never been a fan of southwest motifs, but you have changed my thinking with your color choices. :-)

That baby quilt is lovely!! I can tell you enjoyed making both these quilts. HUGS!!!!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Lovely job on your son's quilt and making a quilt for your friend's granddaughter was a great way to use up the leftovers from the quilt you made for your daughter!!


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