Wednesday, June 26, 2013

PCC Finished!!

Hello Everyone!

It's almost deadline time in our Paint Chip Challenge on the Q&N forum. Once Cindy has all the pictures of the participate's projects, she'll compile them and make a poll so you can vote for your FAVORITE one. The criteria is that the project has to use the paint chips 3 colors as it's focus fabric. The voting will go on till July  5th. You will also be able to vote on our Facebook site.

Sooooo.... here is my project! Along with my paint chip. These colors are VERY outside my box.

 I love the bits of pink and red.

I love this border :)

I did a more dense quilting than I usually do.

And I have been practicing my FMQing.

Come on over and enjoy the eye candy. I'll let you know when you the poll is up to vote.

* Linking up with Alyce from Blossom Heart quilts today. Thank you Alyce!

* This is also my June finish for ALYOF, woohooo! Thanks Shanna and Melissa!

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Needled Mom said...

That is gorgeous!!!!! Those are not colors I would use either, but the results are stunning. Great job.

Grammasheri said...

Oh my, is this beautiful or what!!! I love the colors!

Scrapatches said...

This is beautiful, Dorian! The accent colors that you chose to offset the neutrals in the paint chip are the perfect touch. Wonderful quilting! ... :-) Pat

Impera Magna said...

My stars (no pun intended), Dorian! The quilt is absolutely stunning... wowzers!

Congratulations on such a wonderful finish!!!

Carol said...

I love this project, Dorian! You did a wonderful job accenting the starburst!

Michele said...

Really wonderful! I love the colors you chose.

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...

Oh, the pops of red and pink are beautiful! Good luck!


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