Sunday, December 16, 2012


Is coming waaaaaay too quickly! It's sneaking up on me this year. I haven't got anything done, except my 4patch quilt. And too little bloggin, I know, sorry I've been so quiet.

I had, in my mind, a blog post about this quilt all 'typed' up. But as I was in a hurry to get the quilt off to my best friend Carol, I forgot to take pictures to accompany that post! LOL

Here is a picture of one of the tiny holes in the back of the quilt. It's very tiny.

But there are 7 of these holes! Grrrr..

Here is what I did to fix them.

I was going to take my good friend, Pat's, advice of just putting  anew back on, without taking all the stitching out. Just restitching over it. But after talking to Carol, and telling her about the holes, she said she wanted the quilt anyways. So I wanted to get it done and in the mail, as she lives clear across the states from me.

Soooo, I will ask her to take pictures for me, then I can show you the finished quilt. I used white binding. It turned out good I think.

We have snow on the ground and more possible this coming week. I hope it sticks around for Christmas. If it warms up, we'll get rain instead and wash all the snow away.

I hope to get some quality time in with my sewing machine this week.

Have a great day.

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  1. What a perfectly wonderful way to hide those trouble spots! I may even want to do that on a couple of little quilts that don't have holes! Clever girl!

  2. Dorian ... your little heart patches add the perfect touch to this quilt ... like kisses that heal the little boo-boos in life ... <3 Pat

  3. I use the quilt just about every day. Thank you so much, Dorian!!!

  4. What a perfectly pretty way to cover the holes! The power of hand applique. . . :)


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