Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bits and pieces

  Hello Everyone,

Sorry I've been so quiet. My little one is teething, those stubborn teeth still haven't popped thru the gums! And now he has a cold, and all he wants is Mommy to hold him. So when he's napping, I'm doing household things.

So I haven't gotten much sewing done, and as this is a sewing blog, I just haven't had much to report ;)

I have done a little bit of quilting on my 4 patch quilt.

I am pretty annoyed though. I had started to quilt this before I had my Singer and could use my walking foot. And even though I checked the back occasionally, I somehow missed these little holes in the backing that my regular foot was making at the end of a quilting line. Where I would turn the quilt to go in a different direction. I forgot to take a picture of these holes to show you.

So after I was merrily sewing along with my walking foot, I happen to notice these holes. I don't know what to do now. This was going to be a Christmas gift. Sigh~

I also got some fabrics cut out to make a small pouch. I need to make my first son a shaving kit bag, and am figuring out how I want to form it.

Which is going to be a Christmas present to him, if I ever get it made! I have a few other things on my to make list for Christmas, so I hope to get some sewing time in soon.

We had quite the storm last week. The winds topped out at 55 mph! We got a small hole in the corner of our van windshield due to a branch going thru it. Sigh~ And we got tons of rain. We have one more little rain system right now, and then we'll have some sun come Thursday.

Take care all.
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  1. Good luck with the teething....no fun.

    You know, I think once you get it all quilted no one will notice...

  2. Dorian ... I hope you are able to get your Christmas projects done on time but, as you know, a gift is welcome whenever you finish it.

    Oh dear, about the holes in your backing fabric.

    Could you add another layer of new backing fabric over the old and quilt over the same lines with your new machine and walking foot? It would just add another layer of fabric on the back and you would not have to worry about the holes getting larger when you wash it. Just a thought ... Pat


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