Monday, August 1, 2011

Lone star quilt along part 2

 Linking up with H&M today! Thanks Gals.

 So how's it going? Does anyone else have a finished star?

Today's block are the corner blocks. A cute little pinwheel.

You will need:

Two strips of Fabric A -- 2 7/8"x at least 35" (can be WOF)
One strip of Fabric C -- 2 7/8" x at least 35" (can be WOF)
One strip of Fabric D -- 2 7/8" x  at least 35" (can be WOF )
One strip of Fabric D ---2.5" x WOF

Lay one fabric A and fabric C strips right sides together. Make a pencil mark every 2 7/8", so that you have eight - 2 7/8" squares all down the fabric.

 Next mark diagonal lines in a zig-zag fashion, thru the corner of each block.

 Sew a 1/4" seam on both sides of the diagonal lines. And cut apart on the solid lines.

Now you should have 16 HST (half-square triangle) blocks.

Do the same thing with your second fabric A strip and your fabric D 2 7/8" strip.

You should have 16 HST blocks.

Now TRIM them all to 2.5" blocks.

Do you see how the seam line goes exactly from one corner to the next? That's how your blocks should look. If the seam line is off, then when you put your blocks together, the pinwheels will not look right.

Does it really matter if you trim this from your blocks?

YES, it is!! It's a pain, I know. But it will make your blocks come together SO much easier, and look SO much better....take it from me!! LOL

Cut your fabric D, 2.5" strips into thirty-two - 2.5" squares.

Lay your pieces out in this order. Making sure you have your HST blocks turned right!

Start sewing them together. I like to chain stitch. I sew them all up in pairs....keeping the four lines seperate.

See this  1/4" space between the point of the triangle and the edge?

 Thats important! If your triangle went all the way to the edge, then your points would be cut off when you sewed them to the next row.

Then I sew the pairs together....

And then the rows.....

Now see my points are almost perfect.

This will make all four of your corner blocks. The strip piecing method is much quicker and easier, in MY opinion, then cutting squares individually to make your HST's. But you do it however you are comfortable.

And don't forget, to show us your progress!!

PS, don't forget to drop me a comment and leave me your name, if you're a wantobe quilter! LOTS of prizes you could win over at the Stash, come August.
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