Friday, January 31, 2014

Charity quilts

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to talk a bit today about charity quilts on the Q&N forum. We have three charities that we make quilts for. We have ever since Jess started the forum. It's our way of helping out to some of those in need.

Right now our three charities are: (Clicking on the links will bring you to the treads on the Q&N forum for those charities.)

Harmony Home. A counseling center for abused children.

Pine Ridge Native American Reservation.  Supporting Native Americans in need.

Quilts of Valor. For our military. And also for forum members who have a military family member or friend in need of a quilt.

You can read a bit about each of our charities here.

We are always looking for more volunteers to help make these quilts. What we do is we sign up for making blocks, piecing and quilting a quilt each month or two. We also have volunteers give the backing and battings or send money to the quilter to purchase these items.

If you want to help out, then come on over and sign up to the forum. It's free and painless ;) and go to one of the charity threads and volunteer whatever you are comfortable doing.

We've made some fun, gorgeous quilts for these charities.  Here's a few we've made over the years.



Have a great day.

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  1. GMTA, my friend. I finished my blocks for the HH quilt last night and am sitting with a cup of coffee and writing up a post with links to the Q&N and to you. You say is best here so I may borrow some of your words. I really enjoy making these blocks and sending pieces of my fabric out to spread a little love in the world ... <3 Pat

  2. The guild I belong to has a charity quilt committee that meets every other week to work on quilts. We all make donations of fabric, batting, thread, etc. and whoever can go attends those work sessions making quilts. Sometimes they come back to the whole guild with a stack of tops for others to take and quilt or even quilted ones that need binding. They go to Children's Hospital, the local women's shelter and several other places. What a great ministry! :) blessings, marlene


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