Wednesday, September 11, 2013

workS in progress wednesday

Hello, hello everyone,

Hope you are all enjoying the winding down?? of Summer. At least it's cooling off a bit here. I am ready for crisp Fall days and chilly nights.

I got the book (Beginners guide to FMQing) I ordered and had such a great time doing some practicing. I was having tensions issues that I thought was operator error, I thought I just needed to get my sewing machine speed and hand movement speed better coordinated. Well, I am happy to say, I was wrong! After reading my new book, I realized I might have to loosen my top tension some more. And low and behold, it worked!!

This first picture, you can see the black thread from the front coming thru and looping. See it on the left hand side?  But once I set the top tension looser, look here on the right. Much better!

 Here's another piece. You can't see any black stitching at all :D I am having so much fun!

Here's the front of the second piece. It's a LOT harder to stay on the lines then a person would think!!! lol. Yup, need lots more practice.


Another mystery quilt weekend is coming up this weekend!!  (The link is for ordering the pattern) Jess asked if I wanted to/have time to test. Of course I want too!!! I just hope I have the time too ;) lol

Here are the fabrics I am using.


I have a post up on the Q&N blog about keeping organized while sewing big projects. Especially useful if you do not have a design wall.

Thats what I'm up to, what about you?

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  1. I had the same tension issues when FMQing. I really like the FMQ pattern. Beautiful.

  2. Good for you!! We all get tension's to not let it stop us!!

  3. Good practice! The fun part might be the most important :-) Good luck!

  4. You free motion quilting is looking good, my friend! Love the fabrics for the mystery quilt. Looking forward to seeing more of both ... :) Pat


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