Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Friday!

Hello Folks, Happy Friday to you,

My poor little blog, sorry I've been so absent, there isn't a whole lot of quilting going on here. Although I have been doing some things with my quilting supplies.

* I got my sewing machine moved , so I know have more room. I need to get my table rearranged so that it abuts up to my machine and I can have a larger space for actually quilting my tops on.

* I have started to go thru one of my boxes of scraps and put them into some sort of order. I really need to get some clear plastic bins to put them in, but for now, they are color co-ordinated into plastic baggies. I am hoping to get around to doing the BIG bin of scraps sometime too. I've been inspired to get my scraps in order and make some more scrappy quilts.

*I've ordered some more supplies. I needed a new 6x24" ruler, so thats on the way. Along with some more thread, needles, pins and this book, finally!! I've been wanting this book for ages, and have just never ordered it. lol I can't wait for it to get here. Connecting threads is still having a nice sale! So head over and stock up  :)

* And here's some progress on my Someday quilt. I have rows 1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 14-16 sewn together. So I am almost done~ well, this picture isn't quite right if you look at the number tags. lol, but you get the idea :)

* I'm also working on an Organizing post for the Q&N blog, I hope that will be up sometime next week. But I need to finish this quilt first :)

Have a great weekend, I hope it includes some sewing time!

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