Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Saturday Special

Hello Folks,

Next month, I'm hosting a Saturday special over on the Q&N! It's my Pats Gems pattern, and it will be free for one month, then I'll take it down.

 We would love for you to come over and spend the day or part of the day, sewing along with us. Sharing what fabrics you're using, and posting pictures of your progress along the way.

It's an easy pattern that was made with charm packs in mind. Layer cakes are easily used also. And if you have yardage to use instead, that works too. You will be using 5" squares for the quilt. So even scraps will work. You will need five different colors. The quilt measures roughly 54"x70".

You will need seventy-five 5" squares: These are the colors I used. I bought 2 charm packs to make it.

10 green
  9 pink
12 purple
24 blue
20 orange

You will also need 2.5 yrds of a contrasting background fabric. You want your five colors to really stand out against the background.

If you have FQ's, you can use them too! Here is the run down on that... (Thanks Pat!) Cut them into 5" squares.

1 green
1 pink
1 purple
2 blue
2 orange

Here is my original Pat's Gems pattern.

But I changed it up a bit for my Saturday Special. The one we will be making is larger, without the pieced border.

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