Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Putting it together

 Hello everyone,

I am not sure if anyone has followed me all the way thru with my little quilt along. But just in case, here is the final installment. I do hope, that if you've made my star quilt along, that you email me pictures or drop me a comment with a link to your blog so I can see it.

So, your medallion should be at 28". Your long sides at 8 1/4" x 28" and your corner squares should be 8 1/4" square.

First, sew a corner square to both sides of two long pieces.

Next, put your two side pieces on the medallion. Pinning at the top and bottom, then all along the side. Fudging it in a little if measurments are a smidge off.

Now add your top and bottom pieces. Pinning where the seams come together and a few more to keep it all stable.

Here is mine. I took the pictures at the wrong time of day, too much bright sun, even in the shade....

It's hard to see the buttery, beautiful yellow here...I just love it though. So cheerful.


I'll see about taking  a picture at a different time of day, or even in the house, so you can see the colors better.

PS, don't forget to drop me a comment and leave me your name, if you're a wantobe quilter! LOTS of prizes you could win over at the Stash, come August.
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  1. Very pretty quilt. I wish mine would of come out that way. I even tried it a second time and I still couldn't get it to line up correctly :( I guess I'm not skilled enough just yet. Thanks for the tutorial though!

  2. very pretty, the blue provides a great contrast. mine is almost finished. will send pic soon.

  3. I've had another two projects that needed to be finished so I will need to go back and reread your instructions. It looks so pretty. I had to laugh because I have the same problem of taking pictures at the wrong time of day. I certainly don't take after my photographer daughter. I'm going to get her to do photos when I am Guest Blogger at Stash in Sept.!!
    Gmama Jane

  4. I've followed...just don't have the time as you know. I will make one someday!


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