Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lone Star quilt along part 3

 Hello Folks,

How are you all doing? Has anyone completed step 2? I would love to see!

For anyone interested, here is Part 3.

Fabric A: 2 strips cut at 15 1/2"
Fabric B: 1 strip cut at 15"
Fabric C: 1 strip cut at 15 1/2"

From fabric A. Cut your strips at 9 1/2" intervals, so you have 9 1/2" x 15 1/2" rectangles.
From fabric B, Cut your strip at 9" intervals, so you have 9" x 15" rectangles
From fabric C, Cut your strip at 9" intervals, so you have 9" x 15 1/2" rectangles.

Take your rectangles, two at a time. Fold in half lengthwise, and just finger press along the two edges.

 Open up and fold in half width wise, and finger press in the same manner. So when you open them up, you'll have little creases like this.

 Lay your ruler from one crease to the other, and cut along the ruler edge.

 Go all the way around your rectangles, cutting off the corners. Do this with all of your rectangles.

 Take your fabric A rectangles (Note here: I messed up my cutting on ALL of my green rectangles, so am having to switch to blue. So my blue is now my fabric A.) And cut them all in half lengthwise.

 Cut your fabric C rectangles widthwise.

Lay your blocks out like this.

The numbers are the order we'll be piecing this together. So starting with 1 and 2, rights sides together. Make sure that diamond piece sticks 1/4" past the edge of fabric A, at the arrow. And sew your seam. Chain piece these, so do all your four piece 1's and 2's.

Open it up and place piece 3 along the next side like this. Watch the arrow, that's where the 1/4" hang over piece needs to be. (chain piece them all)

Open it up, and it should look like this. Making sure the diamond stuck over 1/4", made it so the two fabrics line up perfectly together at the arrows.

Now you want to sew your pieces 4 and 5 together, BEFORE adding them to the first unit.

Right sides together, the arrow is your 1/4" hang off spot.

 Do all four piece 4s and 5's. Now do pieces 6 and 7 in the same way. Arrow is your 1/4" mark.

 You should now have 4 unit's going one way and 4 unit's going the other. The arrows show you the pieces aligned just right.

 Take your first unit, put right sides together with your unit 4/5 pieces. When you pin this seam, the two seams from the two different units will cross. You want the intersection of those two seams to be at the 1/4" seam allowance, where you are going to sew.

 Put your unit with the 6/7 pieces on the next side. Making sure your seams cross at the 1/4" like the first unit. Open it up.

Your unit's should measure 28" x 8 1/4".

Let me know if you have any questions or problems!


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