Friday, October 21, 2022

I didn't mean to be gone so long..

Hello Everyone,

I didn't mean to be gone so long. For the months of Aug and Sept it was quite warm here (as usual) and I just didn't get too much done in the sewing room. I did some sewing, just not everyday. Let's see...

I finished quilting my Lone star/wedding ring quilt! I still have to attach the binding, then I'll show it off. 

I did a fun swap with the Gals on QATW . We call it the 3 yrd swap. Whomever wants to play mails 1 yrd of fabric to someone, we all had partners chosen for us. Then the partner would add 2 yrds of fabric to that 1 and make a quilt top, which she would then send back to the person who sent her the original 1 yrd.

I sent the leafy fabric in this quilt top to Bonita, she added the vibrant orange and cream and made me this fun quilt top.

I can't show you the quilt top I made yet, as the owner hasn't recieved it just yet. But I'll post that in a couple days when she gets it.

After that, I started working on a friends baby quilt. I just found out she is expecting TWINS! So now I need to get going so that I can make her 2 quilts. She's due in late March, so I have time. Here are two of the blocks that will be in her quilts. The pattern is called "B is for Baby animals", and you can get it from Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts.

Aren't these guys cute?! I have a chipmunk and mouse to make as well.

I am thinking about getting some Christmas pot holders and such made, but we'll see if I succeed or not :)

Thanks for stopping by!


1 comment:

ButterZ said...

Cute blocks for the baby quilt. Can you show the picture of the whole quilt showing the different animal blocks. The chipmunk sounds cute.


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