Saturday, March 27, 2021

Quilts for 2 of my boys

 Hello All,

Spring is here for N. Cal. We are still expecting some wet weather next month, but for now the roses have new leaves, the oaks are starting to bud, the almond has been in bloom, the grass is green... it's very lovely here this time of year. We do need more snow pack, so I hope our April is going to be a very wet one.

I have got Jeds' quilt top all put together.

And while I am waiting for another yard of backing fabric, I have started on Isaiah's quilt.

Isaiah is going to be 9 on Monday and he is 4'7" tall now, he's going to be another tall child for this house (they all take after Dad that way). He only has his baby/toddler quilts, so it's time for a bigger one.

Isaiah loves puppies, especially black labs. I'm glad I was able to find this panel. I'm pairing it with some bright, colorful geese....

These puppies want to be stars....

I have 6 different puppy pictures, two of each colored star. I am pairing them with some red pinwheels. There will be 2 more puppies that wont fit in the quilt, so I'll make some pillow cases with them.

These are large blocks, finishing at 18". So I hope this quilt will be big enough for him for a few years, at least....they grow so fast, don't they?!

I hope to have Jed's quilt finished by the end of April, wish me luck! And have a great day.

I'm linking up again with my good friend Pat from the scrapatch. Thanks for the link up Pat!

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Scrapatches said...

Your boys will be warm and happy with these colorful quilts. Love the green background fabric in the pinwheels and panel quilt. Kiddos do grow way too fast. Seems like Isaiah was a toddler a year ago. Looking forward to seeing more of both quilts. Thanks for linking up ... :) Pat

The Joyful Quilter said...

Best of luck with finishing these larger quilts for your boys! I've recently heard grumbling from DS1 that he needs a new quilt for his bigger bed. Time to start on that soon...

Carol said...

Lovely quilts! I think using those puppy panels is a great boy's quilt! I'm glad you're managing to work on them often. :-)



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