Thursday, April 2, 2015

Catching up on some mysteries/ALYOF goal

Hello Everyone,

Well here it is the beginning of April, and we are FINALLY going to see some snow this weekend. LOL, I know many of you in the states have seen enough of it, but in my little corner, we haven't had any since last Nov, and that was just a sprinkling. We really need the moisture, so it will be nice :)

But in the sewing room, I'm working with these bright, beautiful Summery fabrics.

The rows just need to be sewn together, and the top will be done. It's one of Jess's mystery, you can find the pattern here, you'll have to ask Jess for her Torque pattern, as I dont' see it listed. Or you can buy it here.

Then I get to finish putting this one together. This top is going to be my April ALYOF goal over at Shanna's and Melissa's. To get this top pieced.

It's also one of Jess's mysteries, this one is called Frolic and you can find it at Jess's site or at the QuiltWoman's site.

I don't like a lot of print on black back ground fabrics, but I just love that one in the picture above. It's sooo pretty!! Can't wait to have this one pieced.

Both the mysteries are from last year. If you don't want to see what the quilt looks like before you put it together, contact Jess here and ask her for the mystery patterns from last year.  The previous links will take you to the pattern with a full disclosure of what it looks like :)

Sunny days are better days for sewing at my house, as the munchkins are all outside playing. So not sure how much I'll be getting done this weekend.

Have a great day all!

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  1. I love those summery colors! Have fun finishing this month.

  2. Lovely fabrics, my friend! I am really looking forward to seeing your quilts! ... :) Pat


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