Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baby blankets

  Hello Everyone,

It was a quiet week for me last week. The 24hr tummy bug made it's way thru the family, so not a lot got done on. But I did finish up 2 items.

This first quilt is one we did for a forum member for her Grandson. (It's dark and rainy out, forgive the photos.)

Isn't this darling! The puppies and snails are appliqued on by other forum members. They did such a great job!

Here's the back, with a custom label another forum member makes.

Just some straight line quilting on either side of major seams, and the squares around the animals. Plus a diamond on the snails trail blocks.

I just love prairie points! It just adds that special touch to a baby quilt.


And one for Isaiah. The best receiving blanket I received when he was born was the one I got at the hospital. It was just 2 pieces of flannel, 1 square yrd of each, sewn right sides together, turned so the right side is out and top stitched.

This is the perfect size and weight for snuggling Isaiah in while up in the chilly morning, before the fire heats up.

So I had to make him another with the flannel I got on Henry Glasses blog hop a month or so back.

I used soft fleece for the back. No batting. Done just as I described above. And once he's too big for it, it's easy to unpick the sewing on the edges and put with others to make a larger one :)

Have a great day all.

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  1. There is nothing like welcoming a little one with a handmade quilt. I am sure the quilts will be well loved.


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