Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fabric shopping

  Hello All,

I hope you're enjoying some lovely Fall weather. It's beautiful here. Cool at night, warm in the day.

My shopping spree this week:

I bought this gorgeous FQ bundle of Chevrons from Fabric Worm. I  love the tone on tone colors. These are going into Isaiahs I spy quilt.

I am still in love with the Sunkissed fabric line by Sweetwater I found these on sale at Heirloom Patch, for only $6.99 a yard!! (If you decide to buy from this place, beware...the shipping is SLOW!)

I will be using the small pinstrip for Isaih's quilt.

And I think I'll pare up this gray with these lovely charms, Simply Color by Vanessa and Co. Which I got from Green Fairy quilts. She is still having a great sale on her precuts!

I think I am going to make another 4patch quilt, like this one. Only bigger. With the gray/Simply Color. And would like to know if anyone would be interested in doing a follow along?

Have a great day.

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  1. Oh my showing those pictures is like showing booze to an alcholic....I must have some....I must have some!!

  2. Dorian ... beautiful fabrics! These lovelies will make a bright and lively quilt for your darling baby boy. I am really looking forward to seeing this is in your 4-Patch Pattern! ... <3 Pat

  3. Love the fabrics. Especially the Sunkissed! I am loving it so much too. Sweetwater has a new line coming at at the first of the year called Noteworthy. I am crushing on it and I think it will work well with Sunkissed.


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