Friday, March 9, 2012


Hello Everyone,

I finally got some sewing done this week. Boy, has it felt good too!

I made 5 of these blocks last year, then decided they were too busy for me and set them aside.

I dug them out this week and decided to work with them anyways. Even though they are still too busy for me. lol

So I made a few setting blocks and put them together as so.

Now to figure out a simple border.


Besides working on that. I've got my crib up and have decorated the 'nursery'....which is just a corner of my bedroom.

But I've made a sheet and a receiving blanket. So more work on the sewing machine. I still have a nursing pillow to make. It's getting close, and the nesting instinct is in full force right now :)

Have a great day all!

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  1. I like that pin wheel effect. splitting up the blocks did tame them down. Nice job.

  2. I like the busy-ness of the blocks! I would be tempted to try out a checkerboard fabric for the border (maybe only a couple of checks wide) and then a solid for the outer border. But then, I like to be a little wild with my designs!
    Good luck with the nesting! I hope you get everything finished before the big day arrives!

  3. I think a solid border, one to match the green in the stripe, would look great and would tone it down a bit more to hopefully make you fall in love with it.

    I'm amazed that you are getting any quilting done considering all that is going on there.

  4. Happy nesting! Looks like it is a big help in getting things done.

  5. What about a med. width white border and then a green border on the outside? Might calm down the 'craziness' of the blocks. Just my thoughts...


  6. Dorian I like that block - especially the way you've surrounded it. It doesn't look too busy at all like this. And did you know that even when you're too old to have babies you still get that nesting instinct? It happens when you've been away from home for a while or you're leaving home for a while. You just want everything in order. Strange! blessings, marlene


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