Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a New Year Goal

Hello all,
I don't make resolutions. But this year I've decided I REALLY need to make a goal to get some of this quilted!

Look at this stack! It's only about HALF of what I have, that needs to be quilted. How did it get this bad??

Four years ago I joined the Quilt and needle forum. It had just started up, and I followed them from another site that we had all been on together. Jess is the owner of the Q&N. Before I started hanging out with these Gals, I would sew some things here and there. Hand quilt a quilt, and give it to one of my kids, or put it on the bed, or whatever it was for.

After the Q&N started up, I started testing patterns for Jess and her Mom, Connie. Jess and Connie taught me A LOT about quilting. I had been a self learner, getting books from the library and eventually reading things online. But testing for these two gals, showed me different ways and methods of doing things. And I got totally hooked on quilting. Much more so than in the previous 14yrs!!

For the past 4 yrs, I've tested all the mystery quilts Jess has made (that's 4 or 5 a year). I started setting the quilt tops aside, as my hands were starting to hurt me and I didn't know why. Just holding a needle and sewing was very painful though. Then I found out I have fibromyalgia.  I've taken meds for it, but the  numbness in my fingers persisted. The Dr said it's probably my ulna nerve, and I have to have a quick, easy op in order to fix it.

Well, that op hasn't happened yet....And a year or so ago, I started making my own quilt patterns, and piecing my own tops, runners, baby quilts, etc. So that also added to the pile of tops I was making testing's easy to see how quickly my pile grew.

So, this is the year of quilting for me! A goal that I need to start doing. I am now teaching myself to machine quilt. And having a lot of fun!!! I know I need to get a walking foot, but I sew on an old treadle, and am not sure if I can find one that fits. I have to start researching. I don't think I will do much FM quilting, unless I get bored with the straight line quilting I am doing now. We shall see.

But I have started on that pile!

I am almost finished with my third baby quilt! Next I want to do a few of my wall hangings. Then maybe I'll be ready to move on to a bigger top. Here's what I've been sewing on lately.

This is my butterfly quilt, I made as a challenge on the Q&N forum. I think it would look soooo cute above a baby girl's crib, hanging on the wall.

And here is my Sunkissed Walk thru Central Park quilt!

It just needs a binding and it's all done. I love it!

Looking at these pictures, you can see why I need a walking foot. I know it will help with the bit of puckering here and there.

Wish me luck. lol. It will be nice to see some more of my quilts on the walls and beds by the end of the year.

Toodle-o for now.

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  1. You do have your share of quilting ahead for you!!! I will be interested to see if you can use a walking foot with the treadle. Good luck!

  2. You certainly have a lot to work on ! I have a walking foot and I recently bought a quilting foot...boy that one has been hard to get used too...practice...practice. Have a great day!!

  3. do have alot...maybe I need to set that as my goal as well. good luck!!

  4. I thought I had a lot of quilting to do. I am also trying to prioritize quilting this year. Good luck.

  5. You CAN do this, Dorian! I have faith! You'll have such a pretty house with the completed projects hanging on all the walls! :-D

    Carol (NJ)


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