Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A finished top

 Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying some lovely Fall days...I know I am, finally. It's just beautiful here. Warm and sunny, with some rainy days thrown in...perfect.

I started this quilt in the Spring this year. It was intended for a jelly roll challenge.

 I love the Sunkissed line, so was happy to get a jelly roll and start playing.

 But, due to some math problems (who else hates math??!) which meant some fabric shortages (as I wanted particular colors and didn't have enough in the jelly roll), I didn't get this cute thing done in time for the challenge.

Soooo, my fourth child is due in the Spring, April to be exact :)  And I thought this would make a darling Spring baby quilt.

Here she is, Sunshine Kisses.....I have plenty of time to quilt it too.

 And even though this quilt would be cute for either boy or girl, it is a bit more now I best make a more boy-y looking we won't know the sex of our baby...till he/she gets here :)

And now it makes sense, all my no-blogging and tiredness...yes?!

Have a great day!

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  1. This is so beautiful, both the pattern and the fabric.

  2. Congrats on baby #4. This is a beautiful quilt.

  3. dorie,
    it is veryyy cute, great spring colors. i really like the orange borders that descend from the outer to the inner. gives it a nice break up to the squares.

    it will be hot here today 90! but definatly cool fall nights and morning.

    have a great day sis


  4. Congratulations!!! (I'm contemplating my third!!) A super cute quilt, I love the colour combination :)

  5. Dorian, GREAT job! I love the color combinations. You're right though, you need to think of a quilt pattern/fabrics suitable for a little boy. ;-)

    I need to go away and leave you on your own more often! I'm expecting BIG postings next week!!! lol



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