Thursday, June 30, 2011

A bit of cleaning, and a finished top

 I decided it was time to spifey up the blog a little bit.  I changed the background, just for a change. Tried out some different styles, but just preferred staying with the set-up how it is, for now. I want to look around some more and see if I can do it differently at some point.

I added a small slideshow, showing off a few of my recent, favorite items. And because I wanted a slide show, I also joined Flikr and have a place to put pictures. So far, there is only the same 8 that are in the slide show, but I'll add to it as I go along. You can find it under my blog title name, on the Flikr site.

Just little things,  but it's fun to mess with sometimes.

Remember me telling you I wasn't too happy with the light   blue I used on my carpenters wheel top? Here's a picture, you can see why I think that something else would of been better.

 The light blue and white with small flowers just almost blend together, making the dark blue look way out of place.

 But! the individual blocks I made came out the way I wanted them too, so that is good. I will redo it once I get some more specific fabric that I have slotted for this quilt.

Here's a few close-ups.

So what have you been up to?

 Thanks for stopping by Dorian


  1. All those little floral prints sure are pretty. I've been thinking about making a star similar to that one to hang on the wall. I just can't decide though -- no surprise there LOL!

  2. Hi Dorian, I do see what you mean about losing the pattern a little, but it is still pretty :)I like it.


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