Thursday, February 3, 2011

Around the net

I hope that all of you that have lots of snow and ice, are warm and safe in your houses. With lots of snuggly quilts to be under. LOL.

For us, we are getting our annual pre-spring weather. A kind of lull in the winter months. Later this month, in March and sometimes April, we'll be back to rain, snow and a bit of freezing occasionally.

I wish I could send you all some of my warm sun... But I CAN leave you with a few warm pictures. These were taken last Summer. Daisy's are so sunny and cheerful :)

Well, what is happening around the net today...

Samm is getting ready for the mug rug contest, voting starts tomorrow.

Quiltstory is gearing up for the block party next week. Heather and Megan are doing their own blocks for US to judge.....My block is done!

Moda is doing a pillow talk blog hop, which is lots of fun!

Hmm, well, that's all I know about right now! I am having fun with all three of these things. I just love blog hops! You get to see lots of new fabric and patterns and learn about designers, both fabric and patterns.

What fun, quilty things are you doing around the net?

Have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by, Dorian

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  1. I wish I could look outside and see all those waving daisies, Dorian! Instead all I see right now is glossy snow!!! BLEH! Thanks for lifting my spirits with your summery pictures. Got any more? ;-)


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