Monday, October 30, 2017

The Wedding quilt

Hello Everyone,

It's done! Yah!! Now don't look Jason and Nicole, as this is for you :)

My stepson Jason got married last month. So I looked thru my many quilt tops and picked this one for him and his lovely bride.

This pattern is called Unexpected Twist, designed by Jessica J.E. Smith. You can find this pattern and many others at The Quilt and Needle shop.

(Isn't my helper a cutie?!)

Here is the backing. I found it at Thousands of Bolt, on sale, so bought enough for backing.

It's hard to see the twist the patterns makes, unless I make the picture small, so here it is again... kind of looks like a spiders web, teeheheehe...

Can you see the twist? Like those windmill on a stick things that twirl in the wind...

Here you can see the quilting pretty good. Just organic straight line, spiral triangles.

Now, onto some Christmas things... maybe.. we'll see. Stay tuned :)

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  1. Those colours give show off the twist. Lucky couple.

  2. I really like it and I'm sure they will treasure the gift.

  3. Almost missed your little helper up in the corner. Yes, a real cutie! Love the purple and yellow combination and I did notice the fun twist even on the large scale. Your FMQ pattern choice enhances the twist. Great job! I am sure the couple will enjoy it. Have fun with your Christmas projects

  4. Your helper is indeed a cutie and the newlyweds are lucky to have received such a beautiful quilt! What a fun pattern and it is very striking in the colors you used.

  5. What a wonderful quilt and I am sure the couple will just love it.


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