Monday, April 3, 2017

Sewing machine woes

Hello All,

Well I certainly didn't mean to be gone all month. I am trying harder to do more sewing and blogging this year, so far I haven't succeed. But my fruit trees are starting to bloom!! This is the peach.

 March was a wet, cold month and that stops me from sewing as much as my sewing room isn't quite as warm as the living room. And as my arthritis acts up in the cold... I was in front of the fire! (Another picture of the peach)

But, the times when I would go to sew, this is what happened:

I would try to sew, but my machine was all bound up, I couldn't get the needle to go up and down at all. The motor was fine, it was in the inner works. So I had my oldest son, Jed, get it all oiled real well for me.

It worked fine for a few days... then it stopped.

So I had to wait for the weekend to ask my honey to see if he could fix it. He took it apart and got it all oiled.

It worked for a few days.... then it stopped.

The next weekend both the guys worked on it, and fixed it, or so they thought.

Yup, it worked for a few days, then wouldn't turn at all again.

SO, this morning my honey sat down and looked at it, and he saw RUST!! yes, rust where we had been oiling, in all the oiling spots!!! Apparently something was wrong with the oil we had been using. What and how it got that way, I have no idea. My poor machine :(

But, I have a handy honey... and sons... and dh and Jed got my beautiful machine back to purring :) They used different oil this time. I need to order another bottle of it, it's Singer sewing machine oil. I wont use anything else again!!

On those few days here and there that I was able to sew (both my machine and I were working ;) ) I was able to get my Bear redone.

He looks much better now! I have to get him all together now, then I can sew him onto the rest the quilt top...and then make a border. Hopefully April will continue to be a warmer month, and I can sew more often.

Here's the almond blooming.

Don't you love it when you teach your child something, and they surpass you in that field! I taught my dd to use a camera, and she has just taken off and is so much better at photography than I am :)

LOL, a disjointed post... should of just made two...

Have a great night all.

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  1. Rachael's photography is wonderful and your blooms are gorgeous. The bear looks great in these colors. I am sew happy you have your machine back up and running smoothly and are able to sew again. Happy spring and sewing, my friend ... :) Pat


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