Wednesday, February 1, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Hello All,

We've had a nice little break in our weather, a bit of sun does wonders, doesn't it? And now we'll be back to rain and possible snow flurries for the next 5 or 6 days. I find that I get a bit more sewing done when it's nice out. As the boys are outside playing more. But still...not a lot.

I am chain piecing the last two full bear paw blocks (for Lorna's bear paw QAL, then I can start on the bear himself.

As I am using a layer cake for the bear paws, I am piecing two at a time. That way I don't get my colors mixed up. It will be good to start on the bear, I am tired of the paws.... teeheeh, and I'm only doing the baby size. I get bored with blocks so easily...

Anyways, I've found that I can easily do embroidery when I'm just hanging out in the living room with the kids. This is my first piece, it's not done yet, so I am just going to show you a bit of it.

I'm not doing too bad :) It makes me miss hand quilting though, so I might get one of my quilt tops out and start hand quilting it... I might, we'll just have to wait and see..haha.

Have a great day!

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  1. Oh, your embroidery looks lovely! I've been wanting to add embroidery to my quilts because I also enjoy hand sewing, but I'm waiting for the right project to embellish, if you know what I mean.

  2. I am so glad to see you making progress on the Bear Paw quilt, Dorian. I know just what you mean about getting bored with the repetitive blocks. Me too! You will have so much fun making the Big Bear!

  3. I get bored quickly too. Your bears is something to look forward to. Good to get a hand quilting project started. Variety keeps you interested

  4. Baby Bear Paw steps are good. Your embroidery looks lovely, my friend! ... :-) Pat

  5. I get bored making the same block too. Looks like you've got a good start on getting those all done.

  6. Your embroidery is lovely, my dear! Congrats on finding some sewing project(s) to keep you busy when you have the family around. :-)


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