Thursday, January 29, 2015

January goal...finished!

Hello All,

Whew, I just made it. I got my dd's quilt top finished, which was my goal for January for ALYOF (which you can read about here).

As you can see, the wind was being a big problem today. So my pictures aren't all that great. But you get the idea.

My DD has a single bed, so this is plenty big enough. Just slightly longer than wider, thanks to the extra border top and bottom.

I'll try to get better pictures later in the day, when the wind has died down.. if it dies down.

For now, I'm calling it Fort Firefly, as that's the name of this cute fabric.

Thank you Melissa and Shanna!

Have a great day all.

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  1. Congratulations on another finish!!!! :-) Lovely and I'm sure dd will love it!!

  2. I've loved seeing your progress on this quilt and three cheers for the finished result! Its fabulous! No doubt your girl agrees!

  3. Oh, this did work up nice! I love the blue background with the lighter fabrics in the Irish Chain. R will love it! Congrats on reaching your goal, my friend. Looking forward to seeing this one quilted ... :) Pat


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