Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I love roses.

These bushes were all here when we moved in a few years ago. This is my favorite one.
Isn't it beautiful!?

As is with most roses, these were grafted on an old heirloom variety. I think it's a rugosa (I love roses, I just can't remember all the facts about them... like what they are called or what species they are. LOL). We had a cold snap last week, that got these.

Anyways, you see this beautiful white and pink rose. Two Summers ago it was pure white. Last Summer it started turning pink. This year, there is even more pink on it.

I have no idea why this is happening. But I think it's because of this.

The red roses you see are roses that are shooting up from the root stock, the rose the white/pink one was grafted onto!

I know that I should probably cut these and not let them grow. But it's fun to have a multi-colored rose bush :)

On this big yellow bush, there is also a few roses with a tinge of orange on them. This rose is next to the coral rose at the top of the screen, and it has no root stock roses growing on it. So I really don't know why they are picking up other colors from other roses. Interesting, yes?

Have a great day.

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  1. Roses are so beautiful. I guess their complexity is one reason some gardeners spend their lives only growing roses! I have several types of roses also. My favorites are the ones currently blooming the most profusely!

  2. Beautiful, Dorian. So nice that life gave you a rose garden <3 Pat

  3. I love roses too! That is a nice surprise you had with the white one turning pink!


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