Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quilt along AND tutorial :)

 Good morning everyone, hope you are staying cool...or warm...depending on where you are at. I know that half the US is broiling right now.

Thank you for taking time to enter my poll. It's about 50-50 when I stopped it this morning. With a few of you who are partial to either one. SO, I am going to do both :)

On Tuesday, I'll post a tutorial for the Lone star medallion. For those of you who want just a tutorial.

For those of you who want to do a quilt along, I'll post on Wed the fabric needed and such. And let you get on with making the lone star. Then next week we'll do the side blocks, and then the week after, the corner blocks. How's that sound?

And looky, I even made us a button!! Thanks to Carrie over at Oikology 101. Not only does she have a great tutorial for making buttons, but that same tutorial helped me with my signature line too :) So thank you Carrie!

Ok, here is the schedule again:

Tues, July 26th, I'll post the Lone Star tutorial.
Wed, July 27th, I'll post fabric requirements for the quilt along.
 Mon, August 1st, I'll post the directions for the side blocks.
Mon, August 8th, I'll post the directions for the corner blocks.

It's just a small quilt along. But I've never even FOLLOWED someone else's quilt a long, much less done my own. So I am new to this. I'll start little.

And I welcome anyone that wants to join in. I'll even try to figure out a linky or a flikr group for us to share our stars.

Have a great day!

PS, don't forget to drop me a comment and leave me your name, if you're a wantobe quilter! LOTS of prizes you could win over at the Stash, come August.
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  1. I have had to make a promise to myself and my family that I would not make ANYMORE quilt committments--at least for now. But I will enjoy the tutorial at a later date because I am in love with Lone stars!

  2. Good, Dorian! Glad you are getting all this experience with blogging! ;-) That rose picture is BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors!

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Dorian, your lone star medalian is beautiful ... the choices of fabrics blend no nicely together. Thank you for sharing and will look forward to seeing your next step :)


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