Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lone star quilt along fabric req.

 Hello everyone, sorry I didn't get any fabric requirements or such up yesterday. I got lazy I guess ;) lol

Here is what my wall hanging will look like.

 Fabric A ---green, 1 1/4 yrds
 Fabric B ---yellow, 3/4 yrds
 Fabric C ---light pink, 1/2 yrds
 Fabric D ---gray, 3/4 yrds
 Fabric E --- dark pink, 1/4 yrd

You can use scraps of course, the lone star and the corner stars are all made of 2.5" and 2 7/8" strips. The big diamond shapes in the rectangle border are 15" x 9 " rectangles, cut into diamonds.  I'll show you how I do that when we get to them.

I would love to see anyones stars! You can leave me a comment and I can email you to get your picture and post it. I'll see about starting a flikr group too.


On another note. There is only FOUR more days till wantobe quilters campaign starts! You can NOT win unless you are registered with anyone that has the wantobe quilters button on their blog.

You can win if you are a wantobe or if you are an expert quilter, or anywhere in between.

Wantobe's need to post comments on Stash Manicure on Mon, Wed, Fri and those who have done some quilting on Tues and Thurs.

If you want in on the fun, I need your name and email addy!

 Have a great day!

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  1. hi sis,
    cute design! im going to go thru the stash this weekend and pull together the fabric stuff. im excited!


  2. this quiltalong sound fabulous. i am going to try and so it with you.

    hugs and stitches

  3. Hi Dorian...can I register with you for the Want to be quilter. You have my name and email addy. Thanks..looking forward to this. It is so great to be able to leave comments. Most don't have the Anonymous selection.....I don't have a blog. So I don't get too play very often. So thanks a bunch.

    Hugs and stitches



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