Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Hello All,

I've gotten a bit of progress on my Bear Paw QAL, hosted by Lorna.

I have a hard time with my hands, so tend to do some cutting, then a bit of sewing, then back to cutting again. It's easier on me.

So, I've gotten the Bear Paw blocks mostly cut out. And now I am piecing them. Don't those Fusions Bloom fabrics look awesome against the dark green background?! (Of course, they look more awesome in real life, pictures dont do it justice.)

I wont iron and trim till I'm done with more blocks. But that gets put into the loop too... cut, sew, iron, trim, repeat..

Linking up with Lorna.

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bear Paw QAL

Hello All,

Lorna over at SewFreshQuilts is hosting a Bear Paw QAL. She makes the cutest animal designs.And I decided to play along :)

Here's the fabrics I am going to use. The dark green on the left is going to be the background and I think I'm going to use the cream/flowers for the sashing in between the blocks with the green as cornerstones. We'll see once I get a few blocks made.

most of these are Fusions blooms fabrics by Robert Kaufman

The cutting directions have been posted, so this is what I'll be working on this week.

Thanks Lorna!

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

I'm back!

Hello Everyone!

I didn't mean to be gone so long. But as this is a quilting blog and not much quilting has been going on...well, there wasn't much to say. I've been down in the pits of  no-quilting-motivation, but now, I think, I am back out.

I have done a few little things. Made both my oldest son and daughter wallets. Made my dd a small, across the chest purse. She doesn't wear make up or jewelry and doesn't really need a big purse, so this one does the trick nicely.

I've been buying some fabric here and there, hoping to find that quilting mojo. This is a FQ bundle of Boundless solids, by

Here's a lovely bundle of Robert Kaufman's Fusion Blooms, a 10" stacker.

The gray on the left of the next picture, I bought at a quilt show. The other three lovelies were a birthday gift from my friend Carol

These lovelies were a birthday gift from my big Sis, who is also a quilter :) These photos are not the best for sure. These are so rich and vibrant in real life.

And here's some I bought when Quilt Fabric Closeout was having a sale. The butterflies and roses are 1/2 yrd pieces for the stash, the butterflies on the right I am going to use in a backing for one of my quilt tops. Theres a few yrds there, so good for a pieced back.

And now that I have some pretty new fabric, I think I'm going to join Lorna in her Bear paw quilt along. I just love Lorna's animal quilts, they are so cute! And I've always had a thing for bears, so this just sang out to me.


I'm making  a crib sized, but going to add a border of the paw prints, cause they are too cute to leave out. I'll be using some of the Fabric fusions for the bear paw blocks and the bear, but haven't decided yet on the background and sashing.

So, here's hoping I can get some quilting going on and keep my mojo up :) Would love to hear from you all, what have you been up to?

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