Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WIP Wednesday

Hello All,

I've gotten a bit of progress on my Bear Paw QAL, hosted by Lorna.

I have a hard time with my hands, so tend to do some cutting, then a bit of sewing, then back to cutting again. It's easier on me.

So, I've gotten the Bear Paw blocks mostly cut out. And now I am piecing them. Don't those Fusions Bloom fabrics look awesome against the dark green background?! (Of course, they look more awesome in real life, pictures dont do it justice.)

I wont iron and trim till I'm done with more blocks. But that gets put into the loop too... cut, sew, iron, trim, repeat..

Linking up with Lorna.

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  1. Your paws indeed are awesome in these colors. I love that you chose such a dark green for the background. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your version of this beautiful pattern. Have a good day!

  2. They do look awesome! This quilt will be a beauty for sure.

  3. Your Bear Paw blocks look fabulous, Dorian! So bright and sunny against the dark background. It's going to be amazing to see this come together!

  4. That green background makes those pretty Fusion Bloom fabrics pop! What a great choice! I can't cut for very long. I need to set up a cutting table that is the proper height. Leaning over the dining room table isn't very kind to my back.

  5. Your blocks look amazing. I love the fabric you are using!!

  6. This looks great! I like to mix the cutting in with the sewing as well.

  7. Beautiful fabrics and great blocks, my friend! Love the dark green background. Looking forward to seeing more as you sew ... :) Pat


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