Thursday, November 3, 2016

A bit of progress

Hello Everyone,

My poor sewing machine is going unloved these days. I just haven't had the energy to sew very much lately. Medical issues are keeping me down.

But, I have done a few minutes here and there and have 4 more completed bear paw blocks done (for the Mod bear paw QAL)

Thanks to everyone who helped me out with the backing ground fabric. I have decided to stick with the dark brown.  As my good friend Pat says, the color will imply 'trees', and so that fits in perfectly.

Here is the background color on the far left and the colors I will be using for the bear. I think they are light enough for him to stand out enough.

Hope you are all enjoying the change of weather. I love this time of year, going from a hot summer to some cool rain. It's been lovely.

Have a great day everyone! post signature


  1. I love these blocks. This quilt is going to be gorgeous!!

  2. Will be fun to watch this progress! I haven't started on mine yet--still have some others I'm finishing up but hopefully in the next couple weeks. It's supposed to be a Christmas gift!

  3. I really so like the fabric choices you have decided, my friend. I love your bear paw blocks and am really looking forward to seeing this together. It will look so very woodsy and wonderful. Take your time and take care of yourself. Your sewing machine will be waiting. May you soon be feeling better .... {{{{{{hugs}}}}}} ... <3 Pat

  4. These blocks are looking great, perfect fabric choices!


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