Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What I've been up to

Hello All,

California is getting some much needed rain. On and off, with a few snow flurries thrown in :) My youngest realllllly wants the snow to stick and be a foot deep, so he can play and go sledding. lol. I hope we'll have a snowy winter this year. Last winter, we barely got any.

So, I wanted to show you the quilt I made for my Aunt. This was one of my tops that were in the 'need to be quilted' pile. So I got a quilt off the pile and sent a warm hug to my Aunt :)

Here's a close up.. sorry these pictures aren't the greatest.. I kept the quilting easy. Ran two straight lines on the diagonals and did some large, loopy flowers in the flower blocks.

I love Irish chains :) and this one is one of my very favorites. I'm glad my Aunt has it.

I only have three more blocks on my cornerstone quilt to put together :)

But, with the weather turning cold, I decided it was time to get my dd's quilt top quilted up. My new table is awesome when it comes to basting :) No more trying to find a large piece of floor space and then crawling around on the floor... haven't been able to do that for ages due to my hips. So I tried other things. I even taped the pieces to a wall and sandwhiched a few quilts on the wall a time or two.. that was better than crawling on the floor. But... this table is so much better than both those methods.

Another chain type quilt, I just love them.

Here's a close up of those clips that hold the quilt to the table. I got them at byAnnie.com.

They work pretty good.

So after this, I really should get a move on on a few Christmas gifts huh?! Can you believe how close it is!!

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Have a great day.

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  1. They are both gorgeous! Irish chains really add a new dimension to a quilt. Absolutely love!

  2. Both of them are beautiful! I am glad that CA. is getting some much needed rain :)

  3. Beautiful quilts! Was the table made to fit the clips, or do the clips fit any table? I will have to check those out too!!!!

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  5. Beautiful Dorian! I love Irish Chain quilts too, and this one is so pretty! I'll soon have to try your basting method -- I'm getting too old for crawling around on the floor too. What to you put on the table to protect it from pin scratchs?

  6. Dorian,
    sorry just now saw this blog post!
    your finished quilts are lovely! and YES basting on the table is fantastic too - I do the same as you, only I use the really large binder clips, they fit my table, but I will check out your clips - after all, if I ever get a new table, the binder clips might not fit!! Thank you for sharing, MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY 2016 TO YOU AND YOURS FROM THE PRINCES!!


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