Saturday, March 30, 2013

March finish

Hello Folks,

My goal for March was to finish putting together my I spy quilt, and start to quilt it. I blogged about it here.

And I've met my goal! I realize I still have a day or two of March left, and I might be able to do some quilting over the weekend. But for the most part, I am happy with my progress.

I backed it with some soft, cute flannel.

Just some simple line quilting.

Thanks to Shannon and Melissa for a fun year of finishes.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

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Monday, March 25, 2013

New fabric

Hi Everyone,

Have you shopped at the Quilting Lodge? Vicki and Co have a great little shop. Decent prices, pretty fabrics, notions, books and various other things us quilters like.

Aren't these pretty!

borrowed from the Quilting Lodge

One of my favorite things that Vicki does is Frugal Friday. Every Friday, she chooses 6 different fabrics and puts them on sale at awesome prices!

She puts the fabrics on her blog, and you make a comment saying how much and which fabric(s) you want. Then whomever has the first comment, gets the first cut/etc.

I ordered these two pretties this past Friday.

Oh, that's the other thing I wanted to mention... shipping? Great prices, and FAST! She sent these within a few hours of me ordering them! And I got them today, Monday. Now that is FAST!

I don't sponsor this store, but I just wanted to let you all know of it, because I think Vicki and Co are doing a great job. Thanks Vicki!

Have a great day all.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hello Everyone,

I spy something orange...
         Is it this giraffe?


Is it this dump truck?

Yes! It is.

Yup, I have my I spy top put together.

 (Not the best picture I was too windy to hang it on the clothes line. lol)

This is my mid-month checkin with Shanon and Melissa.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

I've been busy with the mystery quilt for the past week. I'm not quite finished with it, but it's been keeping me from getting this I spy quilted...I had better hurry up if I want to reach my goal!

I've also done a bit more progress on my hex quilt.

I got the blue round put on most of the hex's. The gray is going to be the background. Then I have triangles and setting triangles and strips to do...lots going on, never enough time ;)

I'm linking up with Less and Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday too!

Have a great day all.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

For my followers

Hello All,

By now most of you have heard that Google Reader is going away July 1st. 
 I just use my Google dashboard to read my blogs.
 Or click on them in my list of followers on the front page of my blog.
But I know a lot of you use Google Reader.

A lot of people say that BlogLoving is a good replacement.
And in order for my followers to follow me there, I had to 'claim' my blog.
So that is what I'm doing, for those of you who need it.

You can find me here:

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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Saturday, March 16, 2013

National quilting day!

Hello Everybody,

It's National Quilting Day! What are you doing?

I'm still 'testing' Jess's mystery. LOL. There were other testers who started earlier and had more time than me. I'm just going at my own pace and making doubly sure the pattern is problems there!

It's a great pattern, different than usual!! So bright and cheerful with my jelly rolls of Kona solids.

There is still time to purchase the pattern, here. Jess sends you a PDF a few times a day, both today and Sunday. So it comes right to your inbox, ready for you to print out.

I'll be posting over at the forum, hanging out and looking at everyones pictures as the weekend progresses too. Everyone is welcome to join the forum and hang out with us!

I also might take advantage of all the lovely deals going on around the net. Lots of quilting goodness, from fabric sales to free quilt shows.

Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Something little, and a start

Hello Everyone,

I hope your days have been as beautiful as mine! Gorgeous, warm sunshine has been making Spring a lot closer. Of course...we'll still get plenty of wet, cold rain and snow in April and possible May..maybe even some more in March... but I'm loving this Spring weather today :)

I got my oldest sons quilt started. Yah! Using the Hex n more ruler, I've been getting some hexagons cut and strips put around them. These are ready for a good press and trim.

And then another round of the blue fabric in the background. And then I'll be making some triangles to add to them.

I also got a quick project done. It's high time I had some new pot holders.

So just some simple rectangles, double batted with some poly stuff. Easy! and sometimes you just need a quick project.

I'm linking up with the Gals over at Quilt Story today....
Linking up with Freshly pieced today...

Have a great day.

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mystery quilt weekend

Howdy Folks,

It's that time again. Time for another fantastic Mystery quilt weekend! March 16th and 17th, Jess is doing it again. This year, she is using jelly rolls in her Mystery!

You can purchase the pattern here. You can even purchase a package of four mystery weekends! Then you'll be ready for the next one.

Need a kit? Jess has some lovely ones...


Or some beautiful Moda Marbles...

She has a batik kit and a few other ones too! So go here and pick the one you want.

You can of course, cut your strips from yardage or use a few of those jelly rolls you have laying around just waiting to be sewn with.

I got me some of these beautiful Kaufman rolls.

This will be a fun quilt! I can't wait to get started :)

Have a great day all.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hello Ya'all,

I'm hooking up with Freshly Pieced this week, for WIP wed. Thank you Lee and Claire!

I have my paint chip challenge wall hanging almost complete. I just need to order some more fabric for an outside border. Here's just a peak at it.

My I spy blocks are almost all pieced together now, although I don't have a picture of the rows, here are the blocks. More about this quilt posted here.

I've bought my hex n more ruler a week or so ago, so I am all set now to get my oldest sons quilt started.

image borrowed from Jaybird quilts

These are the three things that are on the top of my To-do list!

 The I spy quilt is my March goal, so I am working on it as much as I can.

The paint chip challenge is not due till June.

So I have some time to play with my new ruler.

Have  a great day!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

March goal

Hello Ya'all,

I have decided to join Shannon and Melissa for

A Lovely Year of Finishes 
I skipped Jan and Feb, but am going to try and do each month from now on.

So, my March goal is to finish Isaiah's I spy quilt.

I spy something Red....

Is it this truck?....

 I spy something yellow...

Is it these cute elephants?...

 So a lift the flap I spy quilt! Love those chevrons.

I also have 10 of these little panels, from the Ten Little Things fabric line.

My goal is to finish piecing this and get started quilting it. I would LOVE to finish quilting it, but we'll see how far I can get.

Thanks Shannon and Melissa!

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