Saturday, May 4, 2013


And no, not the dinner kind ;)

Howdy Folks, back in March Jess had another fabulous mystery quilt weekend. It used jelly rolls, and here is what I had leftover when we were done. Lots of strips sewn together, and partly cut into. But also whole wof strips.

While doing the mystery quilt, and any other time I have some strips like this sewn together, I immediately think of Lone star quilts. So I thought I could use the leftovers and do that. But... I've made a few of those... here, herehere

So I kept that in the back of my mind and let it stew.

In the mean time, I started seeing, and remembering, other star quilts that were just gorgeous. Like this one from V&co.

And this one from Rachel.

photo taken from
And then Lee started her Bloom, bloom, pow quilt along.

picture taken from
 And that was it. I knew what I was going to do with my pretty leftovers.

I matched my oranges to other colors. So all my blocks with have a shade of orange in them.

Then I used my hex n more ruler and started cutting.

And came up with this.

One strip will give me enough for both these blocks. All my blocks with have a different shade of orange, for each set. And different colors...blues, greens, purples. I'm having fun~

Hope you have a great weekend.
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  1. Great projects.Happy sewing!

  2. That will look so great in solids! Pretty blocks!

  3. Довольно интересно, мне понравилось!
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  4. Oh I would have fun too! I love rainbow type quilts!

  5. These blocks are sew bright and happy, Dorian. Thanks for sharing the how-to ... :) Pat


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