Sunday, February 12, 2012


The Lords Promise....

This is what we saw outside our kitchen window  last night, while cooking dinner.

Look closely at that top picture, you can see a double line of blues and purples.

As my blog name states, we live on the top of  a Ridge. This beautiful rainbow had one leg on the ridge top...

And one leg going down into the canyon on the left.

I wish I had some filters for my camera, so you could see the rich, vibrant colors of this rainbow better. I've never seen a rainbow so deep and colorful.

I over saturated the picture below just a little bit, so you can clearly see the double lines of blues and purples. They were so very clear with the naked eye.

Have a great day everyone.

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  1. How very beautiful! Your camera captured it nicely...We don't see rainbows very often here in Iowa.

  2. How beautiful and bright those colors are, Dorian! It reminded me that last week on my way to mom's, I saw a rainbow and it crossed over the mountain too. The other end looked like it would be in mom's backyard! But there was no pot of gold, alas. lol Mom got a kick out of the story though.


  3. Even without the filter it is just gorgeous.

  4. I've noticed that even with a really good camera it's difficult to take a great rainbow shot so I think you did well. The colors are very clear and bright. The double colors in the first picture are quite unique. Have never seen that before. Thanks for sharing!


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