Monday, January 16, 2012

My diaper bag!

Well it's getting time to start making some baby stuff! April is going to be here before you know it, and I'll have a new little one to snuggle. I can't wait!!!

As soon as I had this Terrain fabric in my hands, I knew that I had to make my diaper bag from it! If it looks familiar, it's cause it's made like my FQ bag, which I just love! lol

The white swoop there is a big pocket, one on each side. Big enough for a changing pad. And as you can see, I forgot the bottle holders on the ends!! grrr....but as I will be nursing, I wont need bottles for awhile yet.

See the zip? That's my purse! So I don't have to carry one around also. I don't need a lot in my purse, my wallet, keys, sunglasses. I don't own a cell phone, but there are pockets on the inside of the big bag...see the orange in the photo below? those are pockets, lining both sides.

(Sorry for the fuzzy photo) The pockets are big and small, enough for cell phone and baby paraphanalia. LOL

I also made a few burp cloths yesterday.

Simple, easy and quick!  Made from some darling flannel! And the backing is some stretchy, soft, knit looking stuff (teehehe...very technical there huh ), the one on the right below.

So, it's a start! I am still hoping to make some diapers before baby gets here. I have at least 3 quilts to choose from, and my good friends on the Q&N are making me a special one :) Clothes I'll leave to those who know what they are doing. LOL.

I love homemade baby things!!

I'm linking up with Jenna and QuiltStory!

Have a great day all.

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  1. oh! congratulations!!! I'm due in May and I've started making a few bibs and bobs. I'll be watching you closely for inspiration... I love the fabric of your bag!

  2. your bag is very fun and cute, i lovvee the colors, and when its no longer needed for baby things, it makes you a great bag for longer trips! with all the kids you always need some kind of large bag!
    ((((((( hugs))))))

  3. Your bag is super cute!

    When are you due?

  4. Great bag, well done, there's certainly less time for sewing when you have a tiny baby! If it were me I think I'd end up finishing it the night before the baby arrived!

  5. Congratulations!! Lovely bag - I breastfed mine too but even when they were bigger the bottle holders were a waste of time!! You'll be glad you forgot ;)

  6. What a happy finish with such a sweet purpose! Congratulations on finishing up the bag and a new lil' one!

  7. Really adorable bag. You will be very stylish.


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