Sunday, May 29, 2011

weekend quilting

 Saturday was a dreary, rainy/cloudy day, quite chilly too.  This Iris had broken off, so Daughter brought it in the house. I thought it looked interesting against the water on the window.

 So I decided to work on this beauty for a bit.

Sigh, it isn't my picture taking day....the close ups I took of the quilting turned out, another time I'll show you that progress.

 This is the first Round Robin I've done. It was done in 1999, or 2000 maybe. And I am still hand quilting it. The poor thing was set aside for a loooong while. Then when we moved up here, I thought "now I'll get that butterfly quilt quilted". I figured, cold winters= days sitting by the fire quilting, right??

WRONG! I have pulled it out occasionally, but can only sew one needles worth of thread before my hand gets too  numb.

At least I have a hand project when I want one :)

Today dawned bright and sunny, but some clouds have come back...hope they go back away for a bit. So I've been doing more work on my butterfly wings.....hmm, I see a 'pattern' here.

Three more 'butterflies' to add to the collectiong. Guess I'll keep playing in the fabric basket, till I have a larger quilt.

LOL, butterflies! They are so beautiful. I'm using a butterfly fabric in the "It's too pretty to cut" challenge I am doing on the Q&N also.

 I was telling you my purple Iris's are blooming, but not my yellow ones....Here's what I found yesterday...


Interesting that the purple and yellow blended....

Have a happy, quilty day my friend Pat says :)

Thanks for stopping by, Dorian


  1. I just love the colors of your butterflies.

  2. How cool about the irises!! I like your butterfly 'theme'! lol

  3. Your blocks are really pretty! As I was scrolling thru the pictures and it's amazing how nature's colors can so beautifully repeat in fabric. =)


  4. Lovely quilty things inspired by lovely designs in nature, Dorian. May the sun continie to shine on your ridge and life, my friend ... :) Pat


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